The return of the boat neckline: how to wear it

Elegant and refined, it boat neckline perhaps one of the most beloved in the world. In the collective imagination, he is associated with the glamor of old Hollywood, with its luxurious clothes, elegant cuts and expensive fabrics. Although it retains its vintage and retro charmtoday’s fashion tends to interpret this more fresh and modern.

Not only dresses of any length, but also a lot of bodysuits, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. Today, the possibilities of models are endless, which is certainly enhanced by the boat neckline. Let’s find out more about this neckline, how to wear it today and what celebrities inspire us to get a unique style.

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An ode to the boat neckline, elegant and feminine

Boat neckline How is that clean cut clothes that create interesting geometry. This elegant detail which gives a certain charm to any piece of clothing, emphasizes shoulders leaving them barely noticeable, it adds charm to our image. We can find him in more or less elegant clothes, even in those wedding. The cutout can be straight or soft more or less depending on the model deepin such a way as to offer great variety and extreme versatility in terms of style.

The boat neckline emphasizes the shoulders and neck, making the former more voluminous, and the latter longer and narrower. Therefore, it also serves lose weightand you can also wear it with an important balcony. If you want to add a touch of romance and sweetness, choose one drapery on the neckline, which add volume and create a sinuous and mesmerizing design. Choice lightweight fabric then the effect will be even more airy and precise.

Yes, and to the authorities security payment with boat neckline, which are thus refined and extremely elegant. Finally, choose this type of neckline to accentuate even tights and shirtsthus giving the figure verticality and undeniable elegance attire.

How to Wear a Boat Neck: Star Mastermind

Straight and proud posture, boat neckline and you are ready to conquer the world: this simple detail can change the fate of our image!

They know it well too celebritieswho choose it day in and day out precisely because of its innate elegance and the sophistication it expresses. Let’s take an example from them to learn how to wear a boat neckline even every day and in style.

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Boat neck dress from Soleil Stasi.

Who said that there can’t be a boat neckline? seductive and alluring? This also confirms Soleil Staziwith this cut-out dress with a bold cut. Boat neckline covers and does not give vulgarity, and many cutouts give the product mobility and sensuality. Approved for Saturday night!

Romantic top by Giulia De Lellis

The “boat” cutout in this case becomes larger. sweet and graceful, almost repeating the profile of the balcony. Result? Top romantic and deliciouscan be worn with even fancier trousers, such as Julia Delellis.

Barbie Ferreira Vintage Boat Neck Dress

nostalgic search barbie ferreirain a boat-neck dress retro and romance. Frill, pastel colormake-up and hair help create the illusion, bonton outfits with vintage inspiration.

Sidney Sweeney glamorous dress

If you are planning ceremonies or special occasions, copy the idea Sydney Sweeney: The White Lotus actress wears it on long black dressdecidedly precious and cut 20 years thanks to the presence of a fringe. In short, choose an image that combines vintage And glamorous and you will hit the target.

Cheeky Zendaya Mini Dress

With its iconic style, Zendaya it gives us an idea fresh and alluring to showcase the boat neckline. The star of “Euphoria” chooses it on a short but tailored dress. volumewhat makes it look naive and chic. I will definitely try it on summer evenings.

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