The return of the supermini from Camilla Rowe to Olivia Rodrigo

The year is 1995: Todd Oldham presents his spring/summer/spring 1995 collection. Unbuttoned polka dots and micro-satin shirts – shirts inspired by Zendaya Valentino’s 2022 Oscars look – umbrellas and flowers, pastel colors and the animal prints continue. The designer later said that it was one of his favorite collections of all time and that he was working on a collection that sparked joy. But what made the show famous was not so much – or at least not only – the quirky print combinations or the complex juxtaposition of color powers, but rather one specific moment that ignited the spirit of fashionistas, tabloids and celebrity gossip enthusiasts. . Amber Valletta takes to the runway: she is statuesque, beautiful, wearing a short satin shirt and a micro-skirt covered with Swarovski stones. Behind her, Shalom Harlow walks with a decisive, bold and daring gait. He surpasses her, attracts her attention, and together they return. “Keep up with me,” Harlow whispers to her in Valletta, “now turn around.”

So, the moment Shalom Harlow bested Amber Valletta sparked curiosity about a possible rivalry between the two. Always denied, it has become one of the icons of modern fashion, forever etching the 1995 Oldham fashion show in the annals of the fashion world.

The return of the supermini, namely Amber Valletta’s orange and Shalom Harlow’s white with a bold front slit, that very little Swarosky-covered skirt, was sudden. Bringing it back into fashion is contemporary pop star Olivia Rodrigo, who celebrates the release of her new album by rocking a vintage 1995 Oldham look. It is impossible to resist the colorful charm of a miniskirt, it is too attractive. .

Confirming his return, this time Valentino, as well as model Camilla Rowe, chief heir to the Jane Birkin style and princess of the hyper-chic Parisian laid-back look. Miniskirt and white shirt for her during a night out in New York.

Is it really time to say goodbye to long skirts and embrace the boldness of mini lengths again? Jacquemus says yes, and Tom Oldham’s words apply to the nineties fashion purists: mini, micro, bright, unforgettable.

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