The revolution of the gray hair or Sex and the city at 50

“Can women have sex like men?” Now two bad movies later and a dimly lit ending “Sex and The City” doesn’t seem like what it was. But on June 6, 1998, when the first episode of the series starring Sarah Jessica Parker aired, that question about sex and women and men that opened the opening episode was a declaration of principles and shook the drowsiness of the night. teavee.

They were years of sitcoms like “Friends”, or like “Seinfeld”, with recorded laughter, with more innocent jokes. The friendship of four women, excessively attentive to fashion (yes, perhaps too), independent and with bold questions about relationships, motherhood, abortion, and sexuality was a enormous hook that also made, in that decade of the ’90, that HBO was installed as the brand that it is today.

There was still time – a decade? – for the articles that were in charge of dissecting the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, always standing on some very expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes; who became obsessed with saying that she was not the feminist icon she appeared to be, and who pointed out that, ultimately, the series was nothing more than a poor summary of the problems of four privileged white women.

It may be true, but you have to have perspective. AND In the 90s, they set the pace and a way of making TV. Perhaps they pulled too much of the rope with the two films that, even for the fanatic followers of the series, were downright bad, with so many luxury brands in the foreground that the story was covered by bags and boxes from stores on Fifth Avenue in Madrid. New York.

Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress who came to the project not very convinced to later become not only the executive producer of series and films, but a fashion icon And in the owner of a shoe store with her name as a brand that sells like hot cakes in New York itself, she decided to get back in the ring now.

And he decided to return with the experience and the years and the gray hair that he has on top. The actress, who is now 56 years old, summoned two of the three friends who accompanied her for 6 years and two movies to make a brief return to the world of “Sex and The City” with mature bodies. The always shameless Samantha Jones will not complete the foursome. Kim Cattrall, the actress who gave life to that character, not only said no, but also spilled all the hatred she feels for Parker on social networks.

And now, with this return, with its wrinkles and gray hair, that first question from the first chapter also returns reverted: “What if it was a man?

It is not that the new series, “And Just Like That”, That premieres on the 9th of this month, on HBO, to be seen on Carrie Bradshaw’s hair color, but the protagonist had to go out to defend herself from the attacks that were made on her for photos that were taken of her.

“Gray, gray, gray. How come you have gray hair? “, said the actress that they ask her about her own photos on the networks or in magazines.

“I’m sitting with[(host)AndyCohenandhehasaheadfullofgrayhairandhe’sexquisiteWhyisitokayforhim?HeaskedinaninterviewwithVoguemagazine“ThereissomuchmisogynistictalkaboutusthatwouldneverhappenaboutamanWhatifyouhavetoomanywrinkleswhatifyoudon’thaveenoughwrinkles[(elpresentador)AndyCohenyéltienelacabezallenadecanasyesexquisito¿Porquéestábienparaél?“sepreguntóenunaentrevistaconlarevistaVogue“HaytantacharlamisóginasobrenosotrasquenuncasucederíasobreunhombreQuesitenésdemasiadasarrugasquesinotenéssuficientesarrugasIt seems like people don’t want us to be okay where we are, as if they enjoyed the fact that what we are today hurts us, even if we choose to age naturally and not look perfect, or also if we do something to ourselves that makes us feel better, “he said.

I know how I look. I do not have any other option. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Vanish?”

Sarah Jessica Parker

The image for which Sarah Jessica Parker was questioned: gray hair in sight….

The gray hair They will not be the central theme of the series, of course. But they will be there to show that the passage of time leaves traces.

A 2020 study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media showed the obvious: there is age discrimination in entertainment. After examining the highest-grossing films in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, “The Age Test” showed that women over 50 were more likely to be cast in supporting roles, often portrayed as lonely and depressed characters. . Rather than playing characters with robust lives, they are assigned the role of serving as a narrative anchor for their younger peers.

What about sex? The results were equally bleak. The study concluded that Older women used to be depicted as asexual or non-sexual beings, and that “characters under 50 were three times more likely to appear in a sex scene than those over 50.”

“When we announced And Just Like That…, there were a lot of positive reactions, but one of the most perverse responses on the internet was for people to share photos of the young female leads. “So they’re either 35 or retired and living in Florida, ‘” said Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the new series. There’s a chapter missing here, he thought.

That’s why Cynthia Nixon, who plays successful attorney Miranda Hobbes, is excited about the team’s decision to stick with it, gray and all. “I like that we are not trying to rejuvenate the series.” Screenwriter Samantha Irby agrees. “I think it’s revolutionary to do a series about middle-aged women, with their aging women’s bodies.”

It is not a small thing, although there are more series with gray hair, than In an age so full of filters, the passage of time is claimed.

Sarah Jessica Parker: from writer to podcast host

“The longer I live, the more I discover that if you have good friends by your side, anything is possible,” says Sarah Jessica Parker at the start of the trailer for the series that will be seen on HBO from Thursday 9. Carrie Bradshaw, Parker’s character , no longer appears in front of a computer, writing the column that made her famous. In the same tone, that of the proposals that open each chapter so that they are later resolved through the experiences of the friends, in the post-pandemic version they arrive through podcasts.

Although the trailer does not advance much about what we will see, something is intuited.

The preview shows her eternal love (and husband at the end of the series, in 2004), Mr. Big. But it is speculated that not everything was a bed of roses. In fact, some images of Carrie’s character were leaked, in the doorway of her old apartment on the Upper East Side, kissing American actor Jon Tenney.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth (Mr. Big) at a stop in the recording of the series “And Just Like That …”

Just as the friendship with two of the three classic characters will continue in force from the start, there is one that is definitely not part of the plot: the unprejudiced Samantha Jones. From what is known -the little that is known- its absence will be explained by a change of continent.

AND there will be new friends: first, Sara Ramírez from Grey’s Anatomy will play Che, a comedian who regularly features Carrie on her podcast; Sarita Choudhury as a formidable real estate agent named Seema Patel; Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley, a Park Avenue mother who makes documentaries; and Karen Pittman as a high-powered attorney and Columbia professor, Dr. Nya Wallace.

Cynthia Nixon the wealthy

At 55, Cynthia Nixon, who plays the successful attorney Miranda Hobbes, is a fierce activist of public education and the defense of the rights of the LGTB community. Her political commitment even led her to run in 2018 as a Democratic candidate to become governor of New York, but she was defeated by the controversial Andrew Cuomo, who repeated in office.

In the series, although she never appeared as the favorite of the quartet, the redhead is the most feminist, honest and empowered. In the series, she was the one who avoided apologizing for her professional success as a woman, claimed the importance of enjoying solitude, challenged her friends when their concerns were limited to their love relationships and was the one who dared to challenge romantic archetypes by Propose to his partner, Steve.

Kristin Davis, not so “Susanita”

In Argentina, It would be the “Susanita” of the group. Charlotte was always concerned about having a man by her side. And he achieve it. However, Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt was much more than the eternal optimist. Even though everyone made fun of her a bit because she was the most “old-fashioned”, the character of Kristin Davis managed to prevail in her own way in the middle of that quartet. For example, he managed to cope with a contagious force, the loss of a pregnancy; she adopted a baby (who in the current series will already be a teenager), and managed to recover after the fear that gave her getting pregnant.

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