The risk that Salvini, the spider of erections and Merkel does not see: therefore today …

– There is a very beautiful video where you can see how a windmill built to use the wind is destroyed by the wind itself. It happens yeah. But let’s hope it’s a coincidence. Because otherwise it is not a good sign due to the energy transition.

Angela Merkel she seems to spend about 3,000 euros a month to make herself beautiful, and evil people will say that they are definitely well spent: makeup and hair for two years are paid by German taxpayers for about 55,000 euros. What I really don’t understand is why a former chancellor who is no longer in office should let his hair down. I thought that Germany was free from such trifles, but I was wrong: every world is a country. And rent pulls more than a bullock cart.

– Let’s return to the history of the summer, or rather the Turin party with a farewell in favor of smartphones between a famous banker and a lawyer borrowed in politics. Today she speaks and accuses him of betraying her, making himself look like an idiot and being manipulated by the one who “fanned the flames”. “Don’t think I’m a ragamuffin, I didn’t expect it, but it takes more to bend me.” I swear, if these two gentlemen were looking for work, I would offer them a lifetime job as screenwriters. Even the creators Beautiful they could think so well.

– It’s amazing that China, a country famous for birth control, today has a “third child policy”: tax bonuses for large families and lower interest loans to start a family. All this in such a short time to make it clear how the Asian giant has changed and enriched itself in a very short time.

– I understand that the gods rise interest rates for variable mortgages is disproportionate. But if you didn’t want to risk paying little today and maybe who knows a lot tomorrow, well: then you should have switched to a flat rate. As well as your humble servant, whose appetite for risk is equal to that of a pterodactyl.

– TO Westminster a scandal of deputies flaring up, offending other deputies. #MeToo, but in gay sauce, where not heterosexual, but homosexual tomboys touch intimate places and play with each other, which, in some cases, have not yet come out. Juicy.

– I know that no one or few will point it out. But today in Bergamo what happened was that the LGBT and feminist world got angry at the president of the local gay pride for taking a picture with his friend. The friend in question plays Forza Italia, and so for these anti-homophobic Taliban, he becomes something of a devil that no one can come into contact with. Even if they know each other very well. It’s hard for me to explain that there is nothing more discriminatory and racist than judging people based on their political affiliation. If Luca Rota photographed us, it certainly means that Loris Rodigari doesn’t eat gays or burn them at the stake. No?

– Ps: tell me why”Not less” AND Fridays for the Futurewho should deal with women and the environment, talk about homosexual issues?

– When the VIPs touch, then I migrants it doesn’t look like them. Do you know what’s going on in New York where thousands of immigrants are sleeping on the streets because Manhattan’s hospitality centers are full? Here you are. Today, Lady Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, not exactly a poor man, I think, complained that they cut his posh neighborhood on the Upper West Side. We could offer him a house in Capalbio.

– The world is a wonderful place. It really seems that Hillary Clinton During a visit to Swansea University in Wales, he suggested to Jeremy Miles, an openly gay minister in the Welsh government, that he set him up on a “blind date” with some of his friends. He was single, she acted as a love agent. “She asked me if I had a partner, and at that time I had just become single again: she kindly offered to introduce me to some of her friends, including a world leader, whose name I will not name.” Amazing.

– I bring this to you because it seems incredible to me. An Austrian supermarket appears to have been evacuated after a store manager allegedly identified a spider “capable of causing permanent erections in men”. The Daily Mail writes about it. This is a black and red spider, obviously ugly. But that would be the envy of Pfizer, which makes the little blue pill: The Daily Mail writes that “a bite from one of the spiders can give male victims a painful four-hour erection.”

German link nominated Karola Rakete as leader in the next elections. But there are those in the party who consider this a gift to the ultra-right, and there is nothing to complain about. For heaven’s sake, there is a conflict between the potentially divided current of Sarah Wagenknecht, a critic of immigration and climate policy, and the party leadership. Wagenknecht is essentially saying that open doors and more radical green policies hurt workers. And Rackete in every way represents the new left, which is more interested in Greta and the borders than in the welfare of the workers.

– We said that one tax requires other taxes and that as soon as the door is opened, additional profit banks, then one day more will arrive. Well: know that – after Conte – now Cisle also asks for further. To do this, Luigi Sbarra would like to tax large energy, digital, logistics, telecommunications and pharmaceutical multinationals. As they say in my unit: and then also a piece of ass from the bone? Seriously, here is a risk that Salvini, but to some extent also Meloni, does not seem to see: today we apply compulsory collection to institutions that are on everyone’s neck, but tomorrow the leftist government will have every right to expand this to “additional profit” of any kind. How could the centre-right resist this by doing it first? I don’t know if it’s a good idea to put such a weapon in Fratoianni’s hand…

– I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of tomorrow’s meeting at wage minimum completely useless. They will talk, argue, go on vacation and good night in a bucket. Let it bet?

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