The River bar, in the vicinity of the Monumental

This Saturday they take place in River the elections to president and the partners have time until 20:30 to go to vote at the Monumental. With the trend managed by the Electoral Board, the number of votes of the suffrages in 2017 may be exceeded 18,857: Members arrive in good numbers at the Liberti, but many of them met at different times of the day with tense weather. And is that The two factions of River’s brave bar were present in the vicinity of the stadium …

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Yes from early The dissident part of the west appeared and was very close to crossing the official line of Los Borrachos del Tablon. When the tension mounted, the security operative formed a police cordon on Figueroa Alcorta avenue to prevent bad weather from happening to adults.

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An hour after the elections began, around 11 in the morning, the West Band and LBDT were present with drums and flags and altered the party atmosphere that is lived in the club, which celebrates the elections that will define the succession of Rodolfo D’Onofrio, who will step away from the club’s presidency after eight years and two terms.

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Useful information for members who are going to vote

Who can vote? Registered members over 18 years of age with a minimum of three years of seniority as of 07/31/21 and the social quota for October per day. What is voted? President, vice-presidents 1 and 2, members and alternates, supervisory committee and representatives of partners. What should you bring to vote? The unique card and the DNI. In case of not having the new unique card, the last valid social card must be presented.

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