The Rock buys a house for a wrestler who slept in the gym

Rock he always showed that he was a man with a huge heart, and in this case he was no different. actor Oceania in fact, he decided to surprise a UFC athlete Temba Gorimbo with a gift he won’t soon forget, a home. In reality, the fighter slept on the couch at a Miami gym while training to become a champion.

Despite perseverance and determination, he lost his debut fight against AJ Fletcher and he had about $7 left in his bank account. However, Gorimbo managed to secure a second engagement against the Japanese. Takashi Soto and won. He then decided to sell his gloves and swimming trunks, spending the $7,000 he earned to install a water pump in his village in Zimbabwe. Because of this Rock she decided to help him in a big way.

We never met, but I had to fly to Miami to look at this man, Tembu Gorimbo, in his eyes, hug him and shake his hand. I was touched and inspired by his story,” the actor writes in the caption to the video in which he meets the athlete. He recently won his first fight in the UFC. When he won, he had $7 in his account. He sleeps on the couch in the gym.

After the fight, he sold his combat gear (shorts and gloves) over the Internet and made $7,000. Instead of spending money looking for housing, he built a pump to keep his village in Zimbabwe clean water. He never asked me for anything, but I wanted to help him.

In the second video we see Rock in the video sneaking up on Gorimbo in a Miami gym while he was giving an interview. The athlete was very excited to see the actor’s face and told Johnson that every day inspires him to do his best.

Thank you. Now I’m going to be a champion, trust me. Believe me! – He said.

Rock he said he wanted Temba to meet a friend of his named Jay who had “good connections” in the Miami community. But he only said that to get the fighter out of the gym and into his house. When he looked around the place, he was shocked to see his family photos already framed. Then Dwayne Johnson handed over the key and Temba couldn’t believe his eyes and ears.

I was so moved by your story and when I found out you were sleeping on the couch at the gym. You no longer have to sleep on the couch. This is your home.

Great gesture.

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