The romantic necklace that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck used to show how in love they are


Everything points to the Hollywood stars who met (and fell in love) on the set of the film ‘Deep Water’ (forthcoming) are becoming more serious with their relationship.

And maybe don’t you know that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are very romanticbut the famous couple each time gives us more evidence to confirm this.

First, let’s remember their special trip to Havana, Cuba, of about two months ago that Ben Affleck would be able to meet the family of Ana (who was born in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba), as well as some of the traditions of this country. Followed by a romantic getaway to Costa Rica, where the couple was caught kissing and walking taken by the hand.

Shortly after, they began even to arise rumors that Affleck is already thinking about having children soon with the star of ‘Knives Out’: ‘Ben loves kids and loves being a father. Would love to have children with her’, we ensured a close contact to the american actor to the magazine US Weekly.

But, whether or not certain suspicions that they could start planning to have your own family. What is a fact is that these celebs have had a detail very tender to prove to each other what lovers are. And is that Ana and Ben have been captured wearing the same necklaces in the shape of a broken heart (that complement each other) and that remind us of those trinkets that we used to have with our bff in adolescence, and which were so fashionable in the 90s.