the roster is expanded with characters from the saga

The game welcomes the characters with a new game mode that simulates the fighting of Street Fighter.

Brawlhalla continues to add all kinds of personalities to his already large staff, because not only has he surprised his community by integrating the Knights of Shovel Knight and the protagonists of The Walking Dead series, but now he aims even higher with the Street Fighter fighters. So, as seen in their presentation trailer, both fighting franchises present a collaboration led by Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma.

Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma land in Brawlhalla as playable charactersThese icons of the genre become playable characters in the frantic battles of Brawlhalla, where they can demonstrate their skills such as HadÅken Ryu’s or Chun-Li’s powerful kicks. Thus, players will be able to hone their combat skills with three famous characters on the ground, both with new moves in the Blue Mammoth game and with familiar attacks.


In addition, Brawlhalla welcomes these fighters with a new game mode: Street brawl. A combination with the Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma franchise in which that style so characteristic of fighting games is imitated, as it adds a life bar that we must empty to win the opponent.

Therefore, it is clear that Brawlhalla continues to add even more characters to its roster, something that we have seen throughout its existence with multiple collaborations that have taken him to the field of cinema and comics, as has happened with the premiere of Hellboy. In this way, the Blue Mammoth title gives us even more reasons to experiment with your fightersIt not only stands out for its gameplay and its roster of fighters, but it has also been placed on that list of 14 free video games that surprise because of how good they are.

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