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The stormy saga between Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper continues. First were the rumors about their separation that, once confirmed, have gone on to become rumors about the why of the break and the decisions on the custody of her daughter Leah from the Seine, two years old. What already seems to be beyond doubt is that the singer Lady Gaga, 33 years old, has not been one of the reasons of the problems between the model, which is also 33 years old, and the actor and film director, of 44. However, the latest news, according to published Radar Onlinepoint that Shayk will write a book where you will have “all the truth”.

When it seemed that the waters had calmed down after coming to an amicable agreement over their daughter, as well as the city where he set the residence of both, New York city, so that no one may lose contact with the small, the apparent peace has returned to break. “There is much to be said of her relationship with Bradley, he has done so much harm that she has revenge in mind,” said a source to the daily american. “Irina has not been able to rely on Bradley, has signed the same source about the rumors of a relationship of the actor with the singer during the filming of A star is born, despite the fact that Gaga was photographed two weeks ago kissing his sound engineer, Dan Horton, of 37 years.

“At first he thought that it would be cheesy, but it has been realized that it is worth to say the truth, and why not, obtain a small profit at the same time. Bradley has heard that she is working on something and want to prevent it. Know that you will put as the companion horrible and obsessed with the work that is. It’s not going to be good for your reputation as a good guy”, has sentenced.

If finally Shayk write such a book, the actor and director will return to relive what happened with his first wife. Cooper had a brief previous marriage with actress Jennifer Esposito, only were married for four months in 2007. But, since then, the performer has shown to be critical with the actor on at least one occasion. In a biography published in 2014 and in which he spoke about his experience as a celiac, Esposito wrote that Cooper was “fun, cool, arrogant and a master of manipulation.” As echoed by then US WeeklyEsposito said that “it was necessarily attractive”, but decided to endure their bullshit for a while because I enjoyed his sense of humor. The actress also accused Cooper of having “a cold side and evil” and that their relationship revolved always around him, “what he needed and nothing more.”

Cooper and Shayk announced their split last June, after more than four years of relationship. But what is certain is that the couple was broken for a long time and no longer lived together. So told a few days after friends of both. “They did everything possible to remain united for their daughter, but could not be. They had competing interests,” explained one of them to the magazine People. The last time I could see the couple enjoying together of an evening was in New York last April, but most of the time each has been working on his own projects. “They were living lives completely separate. If he was in Los Angeles, she was out of town, and if she was in the city, he did not,” says this source. “Irina felt as if I really were not making a life together outside of the issues that affect your daughter.”