The Saga | Celebrities who started in the adult film


Cameron Diaz tried to erase his past film and went to court.

Celebrities who started in the adult film

Some celebrities recognized for their work at the seventh art is not started exactly at the mecca of commercial cinema: Hollywood, but participating in films for adults, although today, surrounded because of fame and recognition, try to deny that past, other, more relaxed, ensure not setirse ashamed for her work in the franchise XXX.

Sylvester Stallone

His last film is one of the most well-known, since your have film figure movie The Italian Stallion (1970). With just 24 years, he accepted that proposal not by choice, but by the emergency economic and won 200 dollars. The protagonist of Rocky he has always accepted that their troubles money led him to pornography.

Jackie Chan

Before being one of the top exponents of the martial arts in action movies, the actor also began his filmmaking career in the porn industry with the tape, 1975 entitled All in the family, in which he shared credits with Linda Chu, a chinese actress that is recognized in the world of adult cinema from those years. Chan does not regret anything and admits that the film is conservative in comparison to the contemporaries.

Cameron Diaz

Before being one of the actresses most popular Hollywood, the blonde ojiazul appeared in the erotic film She’s no angel in 1992, just two years before his debut in the spectrum of commercial to the side of Jim Carrey in The Maskso Cameron tried with all her effort to erase their first steps in the action, even went to court.

In 2003, photographer John Rutter threatened the actress with the distribution of the material in exchange for a sum of money, however Diaz has sued you and won the judgment, prohibiting the distribution, but a year after a web page Russian was commissioned to spread it in the Internet.

Simon Rex

The actor Scary Movie, has no problem in accepting that you ever made videos explicit that began to be released in the year 2014, where you can see the Simon Rex otherwise young autosatisfaciéndose in front of the camera.


Sasha Grey

Stressed in porn after turning 18 years old and had appearances in a number of films of this type, in addition it was nominated in several categories of awards that reward the film for adults. However, the actress of 32 years decided to leave the industry’s XXX, and in 2009 starred in The Girlfriend Experience the director Steven Soderbergh, in 2014 he shared credits with Elijah Wood in the tape Open Windows.

Sibel Kekilli

Remembered for his character of the prostitute Shae in the series Game Of Thronesthe German has a range of adult videos circulating on the web, which he filmed prior to his work for HBO. He also starred in the film Against the wall in 2004, which was in the Festival the International of Cinema of Berlin.

Shu Qi

The taiwanese broke into the scene of the softcore before jumping to the commercial cinema, starred in the tape Viva Erotica in 1996, she narrated how it was the industry of erotic films in Hong Kong, and is popular for his leading role in The Transporter to the side of the british Jason Statham.

Shu Qi faced criticism for the conservative society of China due to its beginnings in the pornography, however, managed to highlight for his talent acting in the conventional cinema, has also been the ambassador for brands of haute horlogerie and often counts as one of the women most desirable in the world.

David Duchovny and Matt LeBlanc

Those who are remembered for their successful performances in the series, The X Files and Friendsare David Duchovny and Matt LeBlanc, respectively, but before you got the yes to erotic material and participated in some chapters of the other series Red Shoe Diaries, which was transmitted in the channel of the pay-Golden, although its content was not highly explicit, had scenes suggestive.

While the film industry for adults, it is one of the most profitable at the global level, it seems that in the eyes of conservatives to devote themselves to it, or to have taken part in any production of this category, it is unorthodox, but not all the famous of Hollywood who once had sex in front of a camera abjure those incipient steps, especially with the current presence of the Internet, because it is fairly easy to find out who acted in these tapes.