The science behind the mummy curse

The mystery of the death of the team of Howard Carter, the most famous archaeologist and discoverer of Tutankhamun’s tomb, remains. Scientists continue to try to prove what happened.

In 1922, one of the most influential archaeological discoveries in the world and one of the longest-running archaeological discoveries in culture, movies, horror stories, mysticism and collective ideology was made: Discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Then came the curse of the mummy.

As many as 20 people have been linked to people who have visited the grave, starting with Lord Carnarvon and his dog, They died under strange circumstances. Mainly pneumonia, but also suicides, murders and accidents.

Temple of Alexander the Great

Howard Carter was sent to Egypt as a soldier at age 17. British Discovery Society cartoonist, approaching the age at which the mummy pharaoh who made him famous died thousands of years ago. “Yes. I can see miracles.” A few years later, Carter said a small hole leading to Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Before that he had to seek the financial support of Lord Carnarvon, and the two argued over work permits. Excavation of the Valley of the Kings. Several pharaoh’s tombs were found there, but they were all looted. This is considered a waste of time.

Success comes with a downpour of discovery. Below was the grave they were looking for.this child pharaoh tombThe man who ruled Egypt without pain or glory went on to become the most famous man of our time.

He undoubtedly hoarded the past when his father Akhenaten tried to indoctrinate the monotheism that the boy king overthrew. Tutankhamun died when he was a teenager, and is believed to have died of malaria or sclerosis, or even drunk driving. Thousands of years later, his mask would become the most iconic and representative mask of the period.

Curse of the Mummy

The newspapers of the day started a tradition that survived with the film trilogy The Mummy: The Mummy’s Curse.

If anyone has anything to do with the imagination of this legend The cursed one is Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes. Fascinated by these events, he began to make hypotheses with this concept, which led to more and more far-fetched hypotheses in all the newspapers of the time.

invented the phrase forbidden to enter the grave, linked to the deaths of relatives and acquaintances with whom the archaeologist had contact. It was all worth it, it was the conspiracy suspense documentary of the time, it was the media crime of the day, it sold and sold newspapers.

Galaxies of water, explosives and hundreds of traps hamper excavation of the tomb of China's first emperor and his terracotta warriors

now, Scientists offer new explanationLord Canaron, whose own death has not been confirmed, suffered health problems from a traffic accident as a young man and another influence from Carter’s team: fungus.

In a 2013 study picker science newsResearchers at Harvard University studied brown stains found on the walls of Tutankhamun’s tomb that appeared when Carter first opened the tomb, long after he made the discovery. Carter died at the age of 60.

However, while they did demonstrate the existence of these fungi, they were no longer active at the time. Whether they are the cause and behind the disease”Curse of the MummyUnable to test. Now, “generally,” said Holmes, “the more extravagant a thing is, the less mysterious it is.”

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