The Secret of Donald C: plot, cast, why watch

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True story. With all its consequences and lies. News that spread around the world. And this is not a pun. Because tonight is on TV in Heaven at 21.15 live The Secret of Donald S. (2018) author James Marsh. The story of a lone amateur sailor who fooled an entire nation in 1968.

The protagonist of the film Colin Firth. Who plays a character full of facets and dark sides, along with other stars of the caliber Rachel Weisz(who here told us their point of view on the film), David Thewlis AND Jonathan Baileyin the last role before the big success Bridgerton.

The story of Donald Crowhurst, a British entrepreneur and amateur sailor who took part in the 1968 Golden Globe race, has already been told in a documentary called Deep Water – Crazy Regatta (2006), director Louise Osmond AND Jerry Rothwell.

Colin Firth in The Mystery of Donald C. (2018)

Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz are the protagonists of the film, which can be seen on TV tonight: here’s why “The Secret of Donald C.” not to be missed (photo by the press service)

The plot of “Secrets of Donald S.”

The film tells the incredible story of Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth). An amateur sailor who wanted to be the first person in history to circumnavigate the world solo and non-stop. For this reason, he decided to enter the 1968 Golden Globe race. Sunday Times.

With the boat unfinished, his business on the brink of bankruptcy, and the risk of losing his home, Donald leaves his wife Claire (Rachel Weisz) and children, hesitantly embarking on an adventure on his Teignmouth Electron boat. The story of Crowhurst’s perilous solo journey and the difficulties he faced on that epic journey while his family waited for his return is a great mystery. Because news and history don’t always match.

Film message with Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz

“I think people will understand what it’s like to push yourself beyond your limits, to do something ambitious and risky and really brave.” For Colin Firth, this is the highest meaning. The Secret of Donald S. And he knows something about it. Seeing him being hospitalized during filming after dislocating his hip.

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“In each of us there is some kind of Donald Crowhurst, we all dream of some kind of glory. I believe that in the culture we live in today, we are encouraged to go beyond our destiny or our limitations,” agrees Rachel Weisz. “I think Donald Crowhurst is very human and a person to connect with. This is not a strange and incomprehensible creature. I think it’s very understandable.”


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