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Victoria Beckham She has always been very attentive to her physical appearance, her line and her style: in short, in front of the mirror, she must be impeccable. However, it is known that “whoever wants to look beautiful has to suffer a little” (at least that’s what the saying goes). the former Spice GirlHowever, he really took it literally and, in various interviews, he revealed what he does to stay fit and what kind of treatments he undergoes to keep his facial skin young and beautiful forever. There beauty routine It is certainly not accessible to everyone and, above all, it is very painful.

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Victoria Beckham He has repeatedly told what are his secrets of always staying fit and as young as possible. For example, he trains almost every day of the week and in the gym he alternates between working out his upper body and working out his lower body. Also, as revealed David BeckhamShe also pays great attention to her diet, which mostly consists of grilled fish and lots of vegetables, but also includes good fats like avocados and dried fruits. The stylist also allows herself a few glasses of fine wine.
And what is the secret of his face which shows no sign of time? Victoria, undergoes one session of Morpheus8 every six months at a cost of £800 per session. The treatment is really painful: 24 needles are implanted in the face and radiofrequency waves are transmitted. At the end of the “massage” numbing ointment is recommended.

Victoria Beckham and the social network

Victoria BeckhamShe often posts content related to fashion and her own clothing line on social media and then also posts video tutorials in which she shows how to wear makeup and take care of her skin. In fact, the stylist’s Instagram profile is also used to post pictures of her family.

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