The secret to making a couple work according to Hailey Bieber? Marry your best friend

Let’s leave behind for a moment the drama, in TikTok sauce, of Selena Gomez, Kyle Jenner and Hailey Bieber and let’s focus on one of the most beautiful couples in showbiz, the one formed by the model and Justin Bieber. The two have been married for over four years and seem to be closer than ever. The real secret of their union, however, is to be great friends. This was revealed by Hailey herself who, in an interview granted to Vogue Australiaexplained how her husband is ‘her best friend in the world’ and that there is ‘no one else I would like to spend more time with or do anything with’. And finally, to close this reflection, she underlined that the thing she prefers most about being married is “the company I feel I have”.

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Has the model found a way to make a marriage last? It would seem so. Furthermore, we can’t deny how supportive the two are for each other, backing each other up and helping each other through times of trouble, not only as a good partner would do, but also a very good friend. Hailey has been instrumental to Justin in helping him deal with his addiction and mental health issues, the same singer who has taken care of her in many critical moments, such as when she had a mini stroke, about a year ago. In fact – I hate the nostalgic gods Elena -, but their love appears mature and solidcapable of withstanding the bumps and jolts that inevitably come in every life as a couple.

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This balance, however, has been built over time with great commitment on the part of both: «At the end of each day, he always remains my best friend, but I can’t hide that it takes a lot of work to make it work,” Bieber added. The dedication seems to be rewarded, so much so that when both are away for work reasons, they can’t wait to spend time together again. The only factor that could undermine this union could be the arrival of a child: do not panic, for now there is nothing planned, but it is between the wishes of the couple. “I know well – revealed Hailey – that when a child arrives, it will be a whole other story, but I’m sure we will know how to make things work”. In short, they are ready. We’ll see what happens in the future.

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