The Selena Gomez has finally apologized to Justin Bieber!


Say good-bye to drama! After almost ten years of relationship and a lot of statements between the canadian and the former star of the Disney world, everything seems to indicate that the Selena Gomez has finally decided to apologize to Justin Bieberaccording to a source close to the actor ‘No you to love me, it really feels ‘relieved’ to finally be able to close the chapter on the Teen in your life.

“She was in love with the power of being able to express himself through his art. It took him some discipline, obedience, and strength to be able to recover for your emotional health, and to be in a good place right now,” continued the source, “It is extremely relieved to have closed that chapter in her life. It is now focusing on her music and not looking for a relationship. Still healing up, but now you know what kind of guy is the nominee, and the qualities of her future boyfriend’s to be able to make a relationship healthy and lovingsaid to be the source for the US Weekly

Selena Gomez has finally apologized to Justin Bieber

With these remarks, everything seems to indicate that the the wishes of Hailey Baldwin, the wife of a canadian, to finally become a realityand the fact is that, recently, a source close to the young model has revealed that the she waited anxiously for the ex-wife of her husband, she could disculparlo, and now, Justin bieber is a completely different person, grown up, and is focusing on his mental health and his music.

“Hailey, wait, that Better I’m sorry to Justin, after his recent statements, so that, finally, you can begin to move forward.”revealed a source close to the model of the web site Hollywood Life. It should be noted that, for a time Justin had offered to apologize for having hurt Gomez after their relationship with the Baldwin’sthe interpretation of ‘The heart wants what it wants‘he’s ‘apology’ for Bieber did not tidy up the damage that was caused during the relationship, however, is it seems that in the weeks after such a confession, she thought, and finally managed to get to the back of the page.