The Selling Price Of The Huawei P40?


To announce Huawei is preparing Flagship P40. According to the report, there are a few variants are available, namely, P40, P40, and P40 Premium.

Huawei upload teaser the official launch event smartphone the. Teaser it is displayed on the website of the company. It is a description #visionary photography is on teaser the. The series P40 is reported to be present, with at least five cameras.

Series Huawei P40 is reported to be present with the chipset Kirin 990, and some of them you push with the variants of 5G.

Huawei P40 is a variant with the most affordable prices. While P40 Pro is, allegedly, a rearview camera, 52MP, the 40mp and 8MP.

Five camera Huawei P40 Premium Edition will be called, will have a variety of interesting features to a smartphone. Among other things ultrawide angleLens periscope Tele -, ToF sensor, and macros.

Huawei will roll out the announcement of the series P40 is live streaming 26. March 2020.