The sequel gets a promising update from one of the writers

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman provides a very positive update for the I Am Legend sequel

Richard Matheson’s novel has been around for over 15 years, i’m greatwas released to cinemas as a film directed by the director of the final chapter of the saga hunger gamesFrancis Lawrence. The idea of ​​making a sequel has been floating around for many years and it is finally coming to fruition.

However, multiple projects ahead of the director and his team and the current Hollywood writers’ strike may delay the film’s development. Luckily, there is some good news for fans of screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. Speaking to The Playlist, she confirmed that the second part of the film with Will Smith is one of her upcoming projects.

i’m great It has been adapted several times in addition to Lawrence’s film. In 1964, Vincent Price Stellate last man on earth, one of the most famous versions. Another cinema icon, charlton hestongot an opportunity to star in one of the adaptations in 1971 called omega man, Eventually, in 2007, The Global Asylum, a low budget film production company, also produced their own version titled i am omega, The franchise has also expanded into other media such as comics with its own series.

what will he talk about i am legend 2,

i'm great

I Am Legend, Warner Bros.

The first installment, like the book, tells the story of Robert Neville, the only survivor in New York City after a zombie outbreak that has killed millions of people worldwide. While trying to survive in a house that he had to convert into a fortress to avoid attack, Robert searches for a cure to reverse the effects of the infection by hunting guinea pigs for his experiments. But during one of his outings something goes wrong and he is saved by a woman and a girl.

In the film’s famous ending, Robert sacrifices himself to try to save his rescuers, as the zombies follow them to a shelter where more survivors are supposed to be. However, since Smith will be returning for the sequel, it is believed that the new story will follow an alternate ending where the protagonist survives.

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