The sequels that suffers Omar Fayad because of the coronavirus


Mexico is located in phase 2 of the coronaviruses; however, the numbers are growing and have reached the thousand 510 confirmed cases and half a hundred deaths. Some people who have lived through the disease took on the task of telling their story, among them Omar Fayad, governor of the state of Hidalgo.

In his sixth day of a quarantine of 14, the contractor shall state told the journalist Azucena Uresti of Millennium that it has been a turbulent weekend because of the COVID-19. In the first place by the high temperatures arrived your body, which exceeded 41 degrees.

He said that the doctors who treat you only let you take paracetamol to alleviate the symptoms extremes of the disease. But, he noted that:

He explained that these were, in addition to high temperature, the loss of the senses of taste and smell, weakness so severe that “I could not even hold a tray” and extreme thirst. However, the governor was notified that the aftermath will disappear as you improve.

About the temperature, it also noted thatalthough it is a factor that has influenced in the death of some patients, it is not all that matters. Indicated that in Hidalgo some deaths had co-morbidities, that is to say, had some other health problem such as diabetes or hypertension.

On the other hand, said that the disease was that the body had a fluctuating state of health. He described the symptoms of “terrible”, since “in hours you fall, in hours, you’re going down”.

He called on the population to focus on taking care of your lungs, especially if you count in the family with some older adult. In the particular case of the relatives, said that 16 people only he had tested positive for COVID-19. His wife, his children, and the other 13 people with whom he had contact had no trace of coronavirus in the body.

The “drop magic” of Sanchez Cordero

Fayyad spoke about the controversy that occurred in social networks for the drops are “magic” that he received from the secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero. Assured that it was nanoparticles in droplets with extracts “citrus, terpenes, flavonoids, naranjina and vitamin C”.

Days before, he had announced that had a headache and difficulty breathing, why Sánchez Cordero gave the controversial drops.

Fayad participated in a meeting headed by the secretary of the Interior, in which he met with all the presidents state of the country to strengthen strategies that would be implemented during the public health emergency.

In the last 24 hours have been reported 13 deaths, with the reached one hundred, these accounted for the highest increase in Mexico since the pandemic began.

The authorities explained that have been reviewed 13 thousand 985 people since last February 27, was recorded the first case of COVID-19 in Mexico. The specialist indicated that the young adults of productive age and social life “are the most spread” and the hospitalized “in serious and fatalities are older adults”.

Fayad is part of the governors, deputies, prosecutors, directors, including other mexican politicians that have been confirmed with coronavirus.

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