The series “Beyond Paradise” on Channel 5: plot and cast of the series

Gto the Caribbean Sea and to Cornwall the step is short, especially if you do this Inspector Humphrey Goodman, protagonist beyond paradise. The series, which airs tonight at 21.25 on Canale 5, is a spin-off Crimes in Paradisebroadcast on Rai 2 since 2012. IN First episodeGoodman has just left the Caribbean to return with his girlfriend Martha to Europe.

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beyond paradisethe plot of the first episode

The first two episodes of the series revolve around the inspector’s new life. Goodman (Chris Marshall) has moved to Shipton Abbott., a fictional town located in Devon, Cornwall. A different life compared to the one he lived on the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie, where he lived until recently.

With him is his companion Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton), who hails from the area. Together they begin to write a new page. She realizes her dream of opening a restaurant, and he rolls up his sleeves and starts working for the local police. Life at Shipton Abbott will not be easy and their relationship will be tested.

From the start, Goodman has been working on new cases. In particular, stumbles upon a series of riddles. From a woman convinced she was attacked by a seventeenth-century witch who kidnaps the children of a petty thief in loveposing as a red car theft expert. Meanwhile Humphrey and Martha have been trying to have a baby for some time now. and now the in vitro fertilization attempt has been successful. She is pregnant and they are guests at her mother’s house. However, happiness is short-lived as their world is soon destroyed by tragedy.

The cast of Beyond Paradise: from left to right: Dylan Llewelyn, Zahra Ahmadi, Chris Marshall, Sally Bretton and Felicity Montague. (media network)

Humphrey is working on a new case, Martha meets her ex-boyfriend

In the second episode Humphrey is working on a new case with Esther (Zahra Ahmadi).. The Colbert family – compiled by Matthew, Laura and their two children – disappears into the air. When Goodman arrives at the house, he notices that it is not locked and other important details.

The table is still set and the lights and TV are still on. In addition, the car is parked in the yard. Nothing that would suggest voluntary removal. The search takes an unexpected turn when Officer Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn) notices a broken headlight. And begins to track down the runaway driver.

On the personal front Humphrey and Martha have a rather delicate moment.. She is busy opening a restaurant, but the bank does not give her a loan application. He buys a boatnot only causes tension in relationships. However, the case of the Colbert family has not yet been resolved.

So, Goodman returns to the house and finds a solution thanks to a cell phone and a key belonging to the victim of the attack. In the end, Martha is back on track thanks to local vineyard owner Archie Hughes. (Jamie Bamberin the cast fox lady). They have a long relationship: they were engaged and were close to the wedding. Meanwhile, Humphrey, in order to save the Colbert family, does not show up for the opening of Martha’s club.

“Beyond Heaven” Chris Marshall – Humphrey Goodman. (media network)

Chris Marshall, from Real love To Crimes in Paradise

Before getting the lead role in beyond paradiseChris Marshall has starred in several popular films and TV series. Born in 1973, made his film debut in 1993 in the film Final figures. In 2001 it was the turn Iris – true lovewith Judi Dench and Kate Winslet.

In 2003 he arrives Real love – Real lovein which he plays Colin Frissella messenger who leaves the UK and moves to the US in search of love.

They follow, among other things, The Merchant of Venice, Must be an angel by my side AND Christmas with dad. At the same time, he continues his career in TV series. The first major role comes in an English sitcom. My familyfollowed by Crimes in Paradise AND sanditon.

Sally Bretton – Martha Lloyd. (media network)

beyond paradisefilming locations

The series takes place in a fictional city.but Cornwall makes its presence loud and clear. The main location chosen for filming is Loo.a small seaside village located on the southeast coast of Cornwall, opposite the English Channel.

Crimes in ParadiseHowever, the film was filmed in Guadeloupe. And in this case, the events of the main characters take place in an imaginary place, namely on the Caribbean island of Sainte-Marie.


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