The series ‘Black mirror’ will have its own attraction in a theme park


In the amusement park Thorpe Parkone of the most popular in the United Kingdom, have announced that they will launch their own immersive experience of the seriesBlack mirrorone of the first to the end of the in march with the re-opening of the park at the end of the winter season.

This is the the first attraction in the world based on the hit series Series, and is a the labyrinth of hypnosis with the technology of the visual avant-garde and the environments in which they will challenge all of the senses, as explained in the the site of the park.

The experience of uncontrolled

The attraction is based on the success of the Series promises to leave you wondering if you really know yourself. “This is the dimension that is scanned, will reveal an” inconvenient truth, ” which will deal with your own personal experience. You will be able to stay in control of the situation?” It has also developed the official web site.

The entries that you can book online on the official website of the park, which also boasts of other attractions that are dedicated to television shows such as a roller-coaster ride, with the theme of ‘The walking dead’ opened in the year 2018.

A new chapter

Following on from the success of the fifth season, in which Miley Cyrus starred in an episode of the new edition of the ‘‘Black mirror’ it is getting closer and closer. According to the creator of the series, and the Charlie Brookerthe sixth season of change for the vision to be the most optimistic, with many new features that you will be able to remain alert to the spectator at any given moment.