The Series published the new schedule after the part of the coronavirus: when they will come to play Cristiano Ronaldo and Lautaro Martinez


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lautaro Martinez
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lautaro Martinez

The Series officially this Monday the new schedule for the end of the season 2019/20, with the Torino-Parma which will mark the return of football on the 20th of June and that will open a cycle of 124 meetings in the space of 44 days. ras receive the approval of the Government to resume the season, will be organized almost all of the matches for the night and only a few mid-afternoon, to avoid the high temperatures of the summer.

The championship was interrupted because of the coronavirus, march 9, at 26° day, when Juventus was leading with a point advantage over Laziofor the remaining 12 days for the final, plus four duels corresponding to the date 25 that were not played in march to be organised in areas considered at high risk of infection.

The Series officially proclaimed the new calendar until the day 35 and will be communicated later times of the last three datesto ensure that the decisive encounters will play at the same time and do not grant advantages to certain clubs.

Juventus is leading the Serie A, a point ahead of Lazio (Reuters)

Juventus is leading the Serie A, a point ahead of Lazio (Reuters)

The weekend of the 20-21 of June will mark the return of the competition with four duels of the twenty-fifth day: Torino-Parma and Verona-Cagliari, Saturday 20 at 19.30 (17.30 GMT) and 21.45 (19.45 GMT), respectively. The Sunday will play the Atalanta-Sassuolo (19.30 local) and the Inter-Sampdoria (21.45 local). These four meetings will enable us to arrive at the Monday, June 22, when it will begin the day 27, with a classification called, with all teams with the same number of duels played.

One of the teams with the calendar more demanding in this new start of the season is Milan -, seventh -, who will get to Rome on the 28th of June, will visit Lazio on July 4, and will face Juventus on the 7th day. Five days later, the milan team will visit to Naples. A key moment to decide the winner of the championship can be reached in week 34, Monday, July 20, when the Allianz Stadium in Turin will host the clash between Juventus and Lazio.

Time difference of Latin America with regard to Italy

Argentina and Uruguay: -5 hours

Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela -6 hours

Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador -7 hours

Series Day 26:

Saturday 20

Torino-Parma 19.30

Hellas Verona-Cagliari 21.45

Sunday 21

Atalanta-Sassuolo 19.30

Inter-Sampdoria 21.45

Day 27

Monday 22

Lecce-Milan 19.30

Fiorentina-Brescia 19.30

Bologna-Juventus. 21.45

Tuesday 23

Verona-Naples 19.30

Spal-Cagliari 19.30

Genoa-Parma 21.45

Torino-Udinese 21.45

Wednesday, 24

Inter-Sassuolo 19.30

Atalanta-Lazio 21.45

Rome-Sampdoria 21.45


So you are going to play the first two dates on the return of the League of Spain: when you return to the pitch Messi

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