The shocking! photo of Selena Gomez before you use the same surgeon


On February 20, 2020
(22:49 (CET)

What’s been done with Selena Gomez in the face at the beginning of the year 2020? That’s what you’re asking, many of the fans of the american artist who has decided to go for the knife at the beast.

And that’s that Selena Gomez if you changed it to the full in the lips and the nose in the transformation of the most important. She has warned that this year was going to be a lot different, and likely that is it.

The changes have been more evident, and it seems that it does not reach all equally among his followers.

selena gomez

A total transformation

Little or nothing is left of it, since it’s the Selena Gomez of the innocent, which we saw a few years ago. This is for 2020, has already started with the cover of the magazine, Dazed, and a photo shoot to really rise from the shadows to prove that he was able to go.

And that is the transformation of Selena Gomez, reminds me a little bit to you that you had Miley Cyrus when you no longer Hannah Montana, and moved to the other side of it.

Miley Cyrus

Supported by the hispanic

In their words, for the benefit of the people of the Spanish, just a week ago, it still resonates, and that, in the first instance, it was determined that, as a controversy, it seems that it has changed, and now it’s all in the contrast for a Better Service.

The singer has a north american was able to win over a public that, in spite of his name, of Spanish origin, yet I had a lot of awareness of you and Selena Gomez would be one of their own.