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Suffocated by a depression that threatened to consume him, one day in 1981, Martin Markowitz, “Marty”, came to the psychiatrist’s office Isaac Herschkopf, “Ike,” a mental health professional who was popular with Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love. Entrepreneur and with a mansion in Southampton, Marty had lost the meaning of life after facing, in a period of six months, the death of his parents and a fiancée who had canceled their engagement. But what seemed like a common therapy ended up turning into a horror story, where professional ethics were corrupted in favor of the greedy interests of Ike, who manipulated Marty for decades to the point of managing his life and finances, in addition to forcing him to distancing himself from his sister for more than twenty years: Ike took over, along with his wife, Marty’s luxurious mansion, transferred funds to his foundation’s accounts and even forced him to change his will on a couple of occasions. If you think this is the premise of a movie, you are wrong, as this is a true story, however, it has been a source of inspiration for the latest Apple TV Plus series, The Shrink Next Door – 60%.

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In fact, the story of Marty and Ike became known thanks to the popular podcast of Wondery and Bloomberg Media 2019 also titled The Shrink Next Door, through the journalist Joe Nocera, who met Marty when he bought the house next door and discovered that the psychiatrist who inhabited the imposing property was not the owner, but who he believed was the gardener, Marty. The Apple TV Plus series joins the long list of shows that have come to television after having an exposure on Wondery as Dr. Death – 88% and WeCrashed, whose premiere is expected in 2022.

Starring Will Ferrell as Marty and Paul Rudd as Ike, the Apple TV Plus series explores how the apparently normal doctor-patient relationship evolves into a power dynamic based on manipulation, control, and all manner of dysfunctions. With a screenplay by Emmy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and WGA winner Georgia Pritchett, The Shrink Next Door it also features performances by Kathryn Hahn, Casey Wilson, Gable Swanlund, among others.

Surprising with the performance of its two formidable leads, The Shrink Next Door has pleased critics for its strange mix of thriller, drama and comedy to recreate the criminal story. The restrained interpretation of Will ferrell, who understands the emotional crisis and vulnerability of his character perfectly, while Paul rudd reaches dark and disturbing heights like the unscrupulous therapist; in short, two works that have pushed them to go a step beyond what they are accustomed to.

On the other hand, they have stressed that although it is a twisted and outrageous story, the writing team has found a way to entertain despite being a sad story, skillfully weaving tragedy and absurdity, and warn that it does not matter. how uncomfortable it might make you, “you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.”

Not everyone has been satisfied with the expected adaptation of the sound success, there are some critics who consider it mediocre, superficial and confusing, a waste for the talent of those involved; a drama that is not up to the remarkable performances of its stars. This segment of specialists does not consider it entertaining and even point out that the characters are extremely hermetic for a series that revolves around emotional tug of war.

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Finally, The Shrink Next Door – 60% have found the necessary support from the evaluators, there are even those who affirm that it is the must-see series of the fall. Here are some of the comments he’s gotten:

Rachel west from That Shelf:

The Shrink Next Door may lack the urgency that a true crime thriller needs, but the story finds haunting ways to entertain, making it one of this fall’s must-see series.

Kyle wilson from The Lamplight Review:

The Shrink Next Door won’t leave you smiling in the end, but the story is fascinating, sad, and no matter how uncomfortable it might make the viewer, you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Candice Frederick from The Wrap:

A compelling and devastating story, The Shrink Next Door is a riveting look at flawed humanity, companionship, greed, and the cost of self-worth.

Clint Worthington from Consequence:

… throughout its eight episodes, Pritchett and his writing team skillfully weave the story’s tragedy and absurdity into something much darker and funnier than you might expect.

Ross bonaime from Collider:

The Shrink Next Door is a constantly seductive series that pushes Rudd and Ferrell as actors in ways we’ve never seen before.

Dave nemetz from TV Line:

… It’s worth watching Ferrell and Rudd expand their acting ranges a bit and delve into a story that’s as bizarre as it is entertaining.

Nate adams from The Only Critic:

… the script can be ineffective as you’re never sure whether to laugh or be moved and it takes time to get used to Ferrell’s surprisingly subdued acting, but The Shrink Next Door keeps things moving throughout eight episodes with an unpredictability. subtle.

Daniel D’Addario from Variety:

The characters are inscrutable, a problem for a series that focuses on the emotional and intellectual tug of war that occurs in the therapist’s office.

Brian Tallerico from The Playlist:

… Is always interesting but rarely entertaining. It’s the kind of show that could produce engaging conversations about what happened between Martin and Isaac, but seems to be afraid of actually getting into the drama. It’s not particularly fun either.

Olly Richards of Empire:

The premise sounds so simple and fruitful. But for all the talent involved, the result is confusing, falling somewhere between comedy, drama, and thriller.

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