The sights of the Bikini in October, with the video club and Nusky !


For the 40 output of the attractions in the Bikini, the organizers give an appointment with the a video club, Nusky, and cars on Thursday, 17.October.

In October it will be the 40. edition of the tourist attractions of the Bikini. In 39 editions, the organizers of a stage for artists of tomorrow, messenger. Beautiful encounter with the public took place. And this is not the 40-editions”, with the the there.

For this anniversary you will discover, video club, Nusky, or bolides on 17. October in a Bikini.

Sights Bikini vol. 40 : video club + Nusky + race car
Thursday, 17 October, 2019
The Bikini
Price : 6euros/ free for members
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