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The simple three-step routine Jennifer Lopez does every morning to look young

Jennifer Lopez religiously follows these three steps to take care of her skin every day. We give you its secret.

Jennifer Lopez it has become a benchmark when talking about beauty and skin care is concerned; and is that it is so good doing its routine skincare that not only did he launch his own brand of products, but at more than 50 years old he still looked like when he started his career.

In addition to having a balanced diet, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol and sleeping religiously eight hours a day, J.Lo has three simple steps to take care of the skin on his face every morning. The best thing is that you too can follow them to look young and radiant.

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This is the routine jennifer lopez follows every morning to take care of her skin.

1. Deep cleaning

The first thing J.Lo does is to cleanse his skin thoroughly with one of the products of his beauty line that has extracts of rice, coconut and sea sease. This, says the singer, is important to remove dirt, grease or excess makeup from the previous day. To clean your face use this special soap and front it with your hands around your face and neck. Rinse with warm water and dry perfectly with a towel.

2. Serum

Jennifer Lopez says the serum is the secret to having radiant skin. All you need to do is choose one that goes with the needs of your skin and preferably with natural ingredients like honey or olive oil. For example, the one in Jennifer’s beauty line has some rice sake.

You just have to apply it with your hands giving circular and upward movements over all your face and neck and let it dry completely before going with step three.

3. Blocker

Using a blocker is one of the most important parts of Jennifer Lopez’s routine and she recommends using it from a young age to take care of your skin from premature aging or blemishes caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

J.Lo confessed that she has always used blocker since she was young and it is one of the main factors why her skin continues to look radiant.

Apply it over all your face and neck and it is very important that you do it before makeup.

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