The Sims 4 – Kingdom of Magic Will Soon Be Released for the Consoles

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PC gamers have been looking forward to the new expansion “Kingdom of Magic” for “The Sims 4” for more than a month now. However, the console version will soon follow suit.

On September 10, the magical expansion pack “Kingdom of Magic” for the PC version of the life simulation The Sims 4 was released. Anyone who plays the EA hit song on PS4 or Xbox One, however, has had to wait patiently – but soon it’s time.

What is the realm of magic?

With the new expansion, you can finally bring the magic into the lives of your Sims and turn them into wizards and sorceresses. In addition to some new cosmetic content, spells, potions, and magical companions that can improve or even exacerbate the life of the Sims also come into play.

Even a new city called Glimmerbrook is at your disposal as well as the portal into the eponymous kingdom of magic. If you need an introduction to the game, we’ve created two supportive guides to help you launch your mage career and apply equally to PCs and consoles:

So console owners should mark October 15th in the calendar, because then “The Sims 4 – Kingdom of Magic” for PS4 and Xbox One appears.

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