The singer reveals that he has been inspired by the Bible to write this song


The singer revealed that his song, he talks about second chances and the importance of forgiveness.

Belinda each and every time picking the most success in his music career, as it not only has developed into one of the popular singers of the scene is in Spanish, but they also managed to fit in on the list of popularity songs written by herself. In this respect, it has recently reported that,”In love there to forgive“it’s inspired by the The bible.

In the video, taken from the most recent season Of the Voice Mexico, she says, that the theme was released in 2012, was inspired by a part of the The bible it tells you about the world.

“I used it in the Corinthians, in the Bible, for the writing of the song, which tells of the love, all the love, and forgive.

In addition to this, during the presentation of the acoustic version of the theme, the Singer admitted that the lyrics it grew out of the a very complicated in the aspect of the staff that led her to realize that I did not know to forgive” and “forgiveness is the most difficult thing of life.”

“All of a sudden I realize that the most difficult thing in life is to forgive, to pardon real, and it comes from the very depths”

As we have said before, the song came to light nearly a decade ago, but she explained that she had intended to do a version of acuústica, because the former was a “more pop, more electronic, and with this one I want the lyrics listen to it the most. “If you truly love her, you have to learn to forgive and forget. At the end of the day, we all deserve a second chance at life,” she explained about the content of the topic.

Finally, the actress revealed that for her, singing is an opportunity to heal the wounds of the past, and Every time I sing, I feel that I am healing my heart and soul,” he said.