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The six rules to lose weight from Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist

Losing weight, one of the obsessions after returning from summer vacation is less traumatic than we think. Haylie pomroy is known as the nutritionist of the ‘celebrities’. He works with Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon, among other celebrities. His message to speed up the metabolism is based on choosing the right foods at the right times. Losing weight, he says, has to be compatible with health, energy and skin tone. These are the six principles proposed by Pomroy in his’Metabolism Revolution ‘.

Eat something after waking up

Eat breakfast before or after exercising? Pomroy is one of those who believe that have breakfast as soon as you get up to give the body gasoline. From there, you can eat a snack in the middle of the morning and, in general, eat approximately every three hours to keep the metabolism active.

‘Real’ food

Pomroy defends the intake of ‘real’ foods, unprocessed: fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, eggs, fish. It is what has been baptized as the ‘realfooding ‘


Variety is the best antidote to boredom and boredom that a diet generates. The nutritionist recommends planning weekly menus so as not to fall into last-minute temptations due to lack of ideas when preparing food. The ideal is combine different vegetables, fruits and proteins all week long.

Not counting calories

When we focus on the number of calories in food, and not its quality, we have a problem. Counting calories is wrong. According to Pomroy, if we eat little, the metabolism slows down and “even the lettuce will be stored as fat”.

Eat what you like

Food secretes endorphins and reduces stress, thereby improving metabolism. The nutritionist advises eating what we like, but in the healthiest way possible. Pizza, for example, is better if it is homemade.

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Strategic exercise

Exercise is favorable, but not crazy. Cardiovascular training (running, cycling, elliptical) must be combined with strength training (weights), and always eat something before (a piece of fruit) to accelerate fat burning.

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