The small history of the bikini


A bet successfully, but…

The two-room apartment, called bikini, a nod to the actuality, in fact, the effect of a bomb. Sold in a matchbox, newborn baby, fashion sport with the disrespect the slogan : “The bikini, the first anatomic bomb ! “In spite of the suddenly flaming embers, the two-bedroom apartment is not to carve out a place in the sun.

At the time, it is not possible to reveal for a woman, the smallest parcel of his body. The jerseys are concealer and the women need to be protected to swim in front of prying eyes. Even before its official presentation at the piscine Molitor ” in Paris, creating scandal and not a professional model willing to wear it. The controversy mainly refers to the bottom of the Jersey, on the flanks of the mountain, the hips and buttocks, so that in 1949, the bikini is banned on the beaches of France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

The origin of much more

Even if Louis Réard is the first company in the market of bikini, as we know it today, the origins of the two-pieces come thousands of years. Archaeologists found depictions of bikinis, from the Neolithic period.

The bikini important dates

· Neolithic

The women of Çatal Höyük in modern day Turkey, are the first pieces of clothing such as bikinis to 7 000 BC.

· 1400 BC.

In ancient Greece, the women in sport two-pieces wear spanning little.

· 300 ad.

The mosaics of the Villa del Casale, Sicily, women had panties and a thin band around the chest. You are one of the oldest illustrations of a bikini.

· 1907

The swimmer and actress, Australian Annette Kellerman takes swimwear, the woman, the shapes of her body on a beach in Boston. This edition is a fine.

· 1946

Louis Réard scandal with the introduction of the first bikini.

The prohibition of the consecration of

· 1953

Against every expectation, Brigitte Bardot takes off the bikini on the beach of Cannes. This issue was noticed, the French star, wearing a small bikini in vichy pink, goes down in history and the beginning of democratization of the two-room apartment.

· 1962

The white bikini of Ursula Andress in the movie James Bond 007 against Dr. No brand the spirits.

· 1965

The magazine Marie Claire photos bikinis are published in its pages.

· 1967

According to the magazine Time 67 % of young people in the U.S. have adopted, the bikini.

Wind retro bikini today

Today, the bikini is the undisputed star of the summer. Hard to imagine that its beginnings were pretty restless ! Brazilian Bikini, tankini, trikini, microkini, it comes from thousands of possibilities. But the real trend of the time, the shirt in retro style with the comeback of the waist-high.