“The smell is putrid”; Guayaquil live the decomposition of bodies by Covid-19


Various videos circulated on social networks, they put into evidence the extreme crisis of the coronavirus that is going through Guayaquil, Ecuador. Images of dead in the streets or people begging to pick your deceased have been shared on social networks.

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According to The Universe of Ecuadorthe problem of the removal of corpses has been occurring since more than a week ago. “The criticism was that when you call 911 no one gave a solution, and the bodies were broken down for two and up to four days of waiting”, they assure.

The despair of the family

The fear to be infected by the corpses comes causing despair in the homes and streets of Guayaquil. Even the fact of not having the certainty that death is by the Covid-19, also causes great distress in family members and neighbors.

The cases that have occurred in this locality of Ecuador are terrible. Estefanía Guerrero, said that her father died on the Saturday morning and until Monday noon the body had not been lifted.

Stephanie explained that she called the ambulance because his father had breathing problems. As the paramedics came to his house, he decided to take his father to a clinic, but not left join. Then he took him to a hospital, but died on the way. A police officer told him to report the death to the 911, but never had a response.

“I don’t know what to do, the smell is putrid,” he said crying to the middle of The Universe.

But this is not the only case. The corpse of Carlos Quinde, cure of the church of San Antonio of Padua of Guayaquil, it takes at least 3 days without being picked up. His son, that he had before to devote himself to the religious life, and that carries the same name, said he died of a heart attack, but suspicion of the coronavirus and you feel worried about all those people who had contact with him in masses, talks and other activities of the priesthood.

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According to the media Express Ecuador, another family member noticed symptoms of the coronavirus in the last days of Carlos Quinde. The son asked the minister of Health to make tests to all those who came near the priest.

For her part, Evelyn Mazzini told that his uncle Walter Olvera died Friday night and told him that soon they would go for the body, but it never came.

“He was sick since Thursday. We called the emergency numbers, and just said to take paracetamol and not they cared about the symptoms that he had. Passed away Friday. We have insisted several times to the 911 and the response was the same arrived. Now they tell us that we have to wait three days for the lifting of the corpse,” said Evelyn Mazzini to The Universe.


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