The Social Democrat Scholz announced an agreement to govern with the Greens and the Liberals | The end of the Merkel era in Germany

The leader of the German Social Democracy, Olaf Scholz, announced the agreement with which his party, the Green environmentalists and the liberals of the FDP will rule Germany. The so-called semaphore coalition outlined the main points of his administration in a document of about 180 pages. The climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic were the main topics. Although they also reached agreements on the minimum wage increase, legalization of recreational cannabis for adults. The new chancellor will assume functions before December 10, the date on which the first government commitment has already been agreed: a meeting, probably virtual, with US President Joe Biden, according to the German press. Meanwhile, Angela Merkel led what could be her last cabinet meeting.

Semaphore coalition agreements

Together with the leaders of the traffic light coalition, the secretary general of the Social Democratic party (SPD) and Olaf Scholz, he presented the SPD-GRUENE-FDP-2021-2025.pdf “> 178 page document after months of negotiations. “The traffic light is on”said Scholz, 63, at the press conference. The Social Democratic leader said that they are now waiting for the tripartite agreement to be approved in the next 10 days by the rank and file of the political formations that make up the coalition. Shortly before the announcement of the vice chancellor and probably future head of state, the outgoing chancellor, Angela Merkel, 65, perhaps led her last cabinet meeting after 16 years in power. Scholz gave a bouquet of abundant flowers to the German leader.


The SPD leader announced the agreements reached on the covid-19 pandemic “at a time when day by day we are witnessing a new maximum of incidence”. According to Scholz, will study an eventual extension of the compulsory nature of the vaccine against covid-19, a measure that is already in force in the army and soon in health centers. In addition, he announced that the country will allocate about 1,000 million euros to health personnel “particularly in demand” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign policy

On the other hand, as for the foreign policy, the secretary general of the SPD, highlighted the main axes: a sovereign Europe; the friendship between France and Germany; and the alliance with the United States. As reported by the German media Der Spiegel, the next German Chancellor has already agreed a virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden for next December 10. According to the roadmap outlined in the document, Scholz is scheduled to be sworn in by Parliament on December 6.

Climate change

Regarding the measures to address the climate change, the coalition established that by 2030 Germany must obtain 80 percent of its electricity from renewable energy, eight years earlier than they had planned. “At the national, European and international level, we will align our climate, energy and economic policies with the 1.5 degree path and activate the potential at all levels of government.”, according to a fragment of the agreement cited by Der sppiegel. About him minimum salary, the agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP provides for a increase from 9 to 12 euros per hour, with an independent commission that will decide on further increases. “All work deserves respect and recognition”the coalition noted in the text.

Housing, citizen income and cannabis

The semaphore coalition agreement also provides for the construction of 400 thousand new apartments per year, as well as a brake on the increase in new rental contracts that will be extended until 2029. In the text, the parties also delineated a Basic allowance per child, as well as a citizen’s income. “This must respect the dignity of people and allow them to participate in society.”, according to appointment Der Spiegel.

In the document the leaders also addressed the legalization of recreational cannabis use for adults in state authorized stores. “This will make it possible to control quality, prevent the circulation of contaminated substances and guarantee the protection of young people”They pointed out in the text, where they also detailed that the social impact of the law will be evaluated in a period of four years.

Distribution of ministries

Regarding the distribution of the 16 ministries, the tripartite agreement provides for the Social Democrats: six ministries (Labor, Interior, Defense, Health, Housing, and Cooperation and Development) and the Foreign Ministry. While Los Verdes will be in charge of five portfolios: Foreign Relations, Economy and Climate Protection, Environment, Family, and Food and Culture. The Liberals (FDP) will be in charge of the ministries of Finance, Justice, Transport and Education.

The German media published some tentative names of the leaders who would be in charge of each ministry. The co-presidents of Los Verdes would be in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Annalenna Baerbock could be the first woman to occupy that portfolio) and the Ministry of Economy and Environment would be led by Robert Habeck.

For his part, the leader of the right-wing FDP party, Christian Lindner, would occupy the Finance portfolio. Other names cited by Der sppiegel They are: Hubert Heil (SPD) in Labor, Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) in Education, Marco Buschmann (FDP) in Justice and Volker Wissing in Transport.

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