The society surpassed AMLO containment Covid-19: Ruben Aguilar


The attitude of the federal government, in particular the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorto face the pandemic generated by the Covid-19 has forced some governors and other actors of the public life of the country to make their own decisions, said the academic Ruben Aguilar Valenzuela.

In an interview, said that in recent days the chief Executive has been exposed as someone who does not leave his servants at the highest level, because that is everything to him, “is your vocation, authoritarian, messianic, of the most rabid presidentialism”.

The expert in matters of political communication and a scholar of the civil society organisations said: “it seems to Me that the President long ago lost the leadership.”

From your perspective, López Obrador got on a logic of minimizing the problem (of “nothing happens”), and to delay decisions to avoid infections in the mexican population, which exhibits it as an authoritarian president, who imposes their technical cadres, because it does what he wants and is not recommended by the science or the legislation for these cases. “That has been generated that has lost all credibility,” said Aguilar, former speaker of president Vicente Fox Quesada.

From their perspective, the public officials in charge of the topic are viewed as that can’t hold a position, but that replicated that of the President, because when you externalize itself, the contractor shall immediately disqualifies you.

That shows him as a politician who lives outside of reality or in a world that does not exist from two levels: minimizing the public health problem, and with a discourse that does not seem to recognize the dimension of the crisis, their difficulties, saying it empty a cantaleta ideological that “we are trained to deal with any health problem, and to any economic problem, which is absolutely false,” said Aguilar.

In addition to deny the reality, López Obrador lie, you lie and lie to the society as a whole, she remarked.

Private organizations are ahead of the authorities

According to the analyst, the way to deal with the pandemic Covid-19 exposed by the chief Executive implies a delay in relation to recommendations of international bodies such as the World Health organization (WHO).

This meant that civil society actors, such as universities and the Mexican Soccer Federation, made decisions on their own long before the government.

That, he added, has shown that the civil society is above the authority. As happened in the quake of 1985. “We have a society far better than their governments. (…) The blocking, which prevents, that which disqualifies, which follows using the arguments as the conservatives, etc., is the President. Is a president who does not know to build unity, don’t know to build a nation. He only lives of the polarity,” said Aguilar.

The president lost the opportunity to lead the health emergency: “The possibility of a lost President. That’s why a dozen governors, including the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaumin the scope of their responsibilities, made the decisions that have been taken”.

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