The son of mexican, who died from Covid-19 in Peru, ask for urgent help


The help you ask for is so that your mother can get out of Cusco, in Peru, as she is isolated and in subhuman conditions.


The son of the mexican that died for Covid-19 in Peru, launched a call for the government of our country for the return of his mother, who is isolated in Cusco, in subhuman conditions.

Through its page Facebook, Alonso Rodríguez Trujillo requested the support of the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard for Ethel Trujillo Trujillo to return safe and sound to Yucatan.

“My mother, Ethel Trujillo Trujillo, the much-loved exprofesora and teacher of many generations of the Federal # 5, found in circumstances of isolation and abduction on the part of the health authority assigned in Cusco, Peru”, he denounced.

Alonso said that the lady is locked in a room, don’t change the sheets, “your food like a field of concentration, and leave it in a dish on the floor so she took it”.

“Alone, sad, confused, and with the deep pain of having lost her husband, my father, Professor Isaiah Rodriguez and Rivero, is now with health problems, because of the altitude and the cold in which is located the peruvian population,” he said.

He said that up to this time, his mother you do not have the test results from Covid-19 you had the Monday 23 of march, due to lack of reagents.

He added that the Government of Yucatan has channeled all his efforts and political linkage by assigning the order to the holder of the Secretariat of Government, Mary Fritz Saw to provide security and medical assistance to his mother, while it is possible to repatriarla, but the effort has been fruitless, because the Ministry of Health is not permitted to give you any kind of assistance.

“I urge the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, to which respect for her accurate measures of closing borders to contain the pandemic in that country, in a humanitarian gesture to accept encapsulated in any case to my mother to the city of Lima, to the attention of health and safety and repatriarla to Mexico on one of the flights that will send the Government of Mexico in the following days,” he said.

On the other hand, made an appeal to the chancellor mexican to continue with the management of international policy to secure the return of Ethel Trujillo Trujillo.

“Don’t you want that instead of an urn of ashes, there are one or two that I come back”, finished off.

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