The sound of Primavera in Turin? “We are in negotiations with the municipality and the region” – Turin News

For fans of rock and indie music, it’s the “festival of festivals.” A mega-event with guests of global significance, which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over Europe and even from abroad. This is Primavera Sound, which was born in Barcelona, ​​but has recently spread to other cities, from Sao Paulo to Lima, from Buenos Aires to Bogota, and now has a stopover in Turin. Negotiations began several months ago. And as the organizers from Catalonia confirm, “they continue.” The venue has already been decided, namely Dora Park, which, thanks to the Kappa Future festival, turned out to be an ideal place for such events. And a private company that, through politics, is finalizing the final details to put on the table a proposal that could convince Primavera Sound to land under the Mole.

The stakes are high for the city and the wider area, with new opportunities for international exposure and benefits for tourism, trade and hospitality. Attracting here a caravan of fans of great international music who follow the stars even thousands of kilometers away.

Big names
This year’s festival ran from May 29 to June 4 and featured performances from Depeche Mode, Kendrick Lamar, Blur, Rosalía, Halsey, Calvin Harris and Moneskine, among others. Over its twenty-year history, artists such as The White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Lou Reed, Motorhead, Patti Smith, Neil Young, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Björk , Nick Cave, Dua Lipa. Rock giants who obviously attract a lot of fans. Much more, one can imagine, than those who came to Turin for Eurovision.

“Turin is coming”
“It is true,” explain the organizers of Primavera Sound from Spain, “that we have been in negotiations with both Turin and the Piedmont region.” And “conversations” are “still open,” although “not necessarily specific to the next festival season.” Thus, spring 2024 in Parco Dora is unclear. If it is organized, negotiations must be completed within a few days and will probably not be possible by the next edition. But, as Primavera again explains, “We are always open to exploring new options in cities that, like Turin, may have the right conditions – in terms of venue, partners and audience – to host a major international festival like Primavera Sound. Many cities have approached us to inquire about this opportunity because hosting an event like ours means making a huge contribution to the cultural life of the region, obviously in addition to the economic and advertising revenue that comes from it.”

As for Italy, “it has always been one of our main markets abroad, and our Italian audience at our flagship festival in Barcelona continues to grow, so we believe that Turin will be willing to host the release of Primavera Sound, provided that all requirements are met” . aligned. This is an open possibility and, again, negotiations are ongoing without any set timeline or confirmation.”

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