The special bond that was Mauricio Hanuch with Cristiano Ronaldo


The death of Mauricio Hanuch struck the world of football. The former midfielder, who started his career in Platense, who died at age 43 from cancer of the stomach, not only left fond memories in Argentina: he also had a step by the Sporting of Portugal, where shared campus with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“With 15 years it went up to First. When we saw it was already a prototype of player, and she liked to make gym and stay after training. It was a guy fantastic”, he stressed The Turkish on CR7 in an interview in 2015.

Before moving to Manchester United, Cristiano played the 2002-03 season in the ranks of the team luso and managed to score 5 goals in 31 matches. But Hanuch, the personality was the point that propelled his career. “Chico had a very important personality, he was already a leader but with 16 years. God gave him that gift, but he knew how to capitalize on all this potential to prove the things that he does on the pitch. When I saw that moved from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United I was ready to applaud”, highlighted in The Ball In The Head.

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A curious fact linked them: the arrival of the current front of the Juventus first team, it was an injury of Hanuch, who had to miss part of the season the Portuguese after suffering the rupture of the cross ligaments of his right knee. “He was always doing jokes about my injury, because it gave the possibility to a Christian. Unfortunately it prevented me to go ahead and also impacted me psychologically. I went missing and didn’t make good decisions in my career”, confessed.

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Hanuch also reminded of your step by Sporting the presence of the other Portuguese who fell in love with their gambetas and the exquisite skill in hand to hand. For the former Independent, Ricardo Quaresma was a crack with all the letters. “I had the chance to play with Quaresma. It was incredible because I was shooting a center with a rabona that he ended up being a goal. The truth that an extraordinary player”.

After being part of a campus full of future stars and win the league, Portuguese title in 2000, Hanuch had the chance to play in Badajoz, club of the second of Spain, but the right knee injury will cut short the pass. “Having played in the Badajoz might have happened to Deportivo La Coruña, who had shown interest to hire me. That knee injury I complicated the race,” he concluded.