The speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, this is the film to watch this evening on tv


tonight on tv-speed

Keanu Reeves (now at 55 years of age, at the age of 30), the manifesto of the Speed of the film faster than ever before. The action and adrenaline in its purest state, but also that the two actors are super, and he and Sandra Bullock. Don’t miss tonight’s on the tv in the 4 21.25

Are you ready to get on the bus, the faster of the story.” Tonight on tv you can not miss the appointment with the The speed with Jan de Bont. To go to the bus stop a little faster (should be!) the story, Kenau Reeves and Sandra Bullock. In fact, Sandra: (at the wheel), and Keanu (over the shoulder)

Tonight on tv it is not the Speedthe movie that launched Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

Best of all: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, as they were in 1994. Right now it’s star, Keanu (cool breeze of the mountain, in hawaiian) performed in Berlin with his girlfriend, Alex, to see what it was 26 years ago, and for a certain purpose. It is not a bridge?

Keanu was at the age of 30. He showed it the least. Born in Beirut, lebanon, he grew up with his mother, a dancer in a night club. Up until that point, I was in the middle of the movie and a teen movieBroad shoulders). Even if it’s wonderful as a The beautiful and the damned, the Little Buddha, The dangerous relationships. He was not in the battle, and he found it in the The speed. A Super-hero able to make out a withdrawal at the end of the run, more than $ 350 million in the world. Turning it into an idol of the masses. The matrix it will come in 5 years later.

Sandra Bullock has had her for 30 years. Now both of them were in the “old” way to the sun. At the time of the stars, to be released at the level of the battle. If Keanu already had a resume and in the course of time, Sandra was a film that I had been transformed into a new one, “dear America”: He also has a love. But it was The speed to make a living in the future. Get on the bus, to be successful, we say, no more dropped…

tonight on tv-speed

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullocl the alias of Jack and Annie in the The speedcost : $ 28 million, the film grossed 350

The story The speed

It starts off in an elevator, sight-seeing, in a high-rise building in the Los Angeles area. A terrorist’s (Dennis Hopper) threatens to blow it up in the air. The two police officers, including Jack (Reeves), who can block it. They are rewarded for their commitment. But you don’t have the time to celebrate with a medal. The terrorist, at this time, there is a bus stop.

Jack finds out that a vehicle loaded with explosives. The threat is this: the bus stop scenes with less than 50 miles per hour, and for passengers, there is no hope.

After a chase heart-pounding the streets of theJack is able to get in the middle. In a crash with a passenger who wants to go out (but maybe not…), the driver, was hurt. Annie (Bullock) is taking the place of a guide on “remote control” of the episode. The girl doesn’t have a license

speed-sandra bullock

While Keanu has been in dozens of movies, it was only released for the The speed

The secret of the Speed? Everything is in the title. And director, Jan De Bont, who has done wonders with the one made in the Twister. The engine is just about perfect. Even if you don’t like to share (and you don’t have a license, you will not be able to get out of… All of the other story, the sequel to the game in 1997: Speed 2with Sandra Bullock, but without Keanu, unfortunately. In its place is the dull and forgotten, Jason, Patrick…

The speedin the movie, that they didn’t want to do it

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are the key to the success of the film as well as the pace). The last two choices. In the role of Jack was originally written for Jeff Bridges. Then it was given to George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis. And, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks.

The director chose to Keanu after seeing him in The Point Of The Break. In the beginning, she said that there is no real action, just like The trap of the glass)and then, he took the job. It is made from 90% of the action scenes, without the need for stunt men.

sandra bullock, keanu reeves's speed

The two main actors from the first film back in 1994. And to think that they were actually the option of last resort… Photo: Getty images)

Annie, in the beginning, it had to be Ellen DeGeneresIt is a choice that now seems to be as far-fetched to think about it.After he said that it is not Jessica Lange, Kim Basinger, Geena Davis. Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz, and refused to do so.

Luckily, someone else thought the bet on the card for the Bull. The officer, who was not acquainted with her, he made her read the script with the Actor. The chemistry between the two was so perfect that Bont has made known to the producers, or her, or none at all. Sandra, don’t let him in, he’s learned how to actually drive a bus.

Instead, De Bont, the director, it could have been Quentin Tarantino. He offered, but he said he didn’t. He was shooting Pulp Fiction. But The speedthat is , it is among his favorite movies…

The legendary ” bus 2525 in the movie, it’s just a fact, they have been used 12.

Moving from fiction to reality, some time later, it’s a real case of a college student. The driver had a heart attack. He quickly put the foot on the brake, and went to the bus stop on the side of the road. When asked why, he replied: “I like that movie with the bus. The speedit is precisely this.

Look at The speed tonight on the television Network from 4 to 21.25. If you can’t, you can find it streaming: Chili pepper, Infinity, Rakuten Tv, Google Play, Microsoft Store, iTunes, the Playstation Store.

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