The star of Marseille presents a bikini, on the verge of explosion !


Ask Maeva Ghennam how do I finish the weekend on a good note…

Sunday, 9. in February, the brown arsonist has once again played with the emotions of the user in the publication of a photo of her pushed a swimsuit two parts. This bikini is white and had a slit that threatened at any time to release the chest developed. In addition to the presentation of its plastic (what is criticised very often in the last time), the young 22-year-old woman is in a pool with dull colors. You understand now that you reposté a cliché that dates back to June of this year. The nostalgia… “The summer is missing me, and you ? Beautiful Sunday and love”, a-t, she writes in the title of this fabulous post.

In the comments, many have reported, to be admired by your satisfaction-dressed starlet and reality tv-very little. In particular, the attention of all.

“To me you’re the one missing me”wrote, his new favorite rapper Sissik, which is none other than the ex of his worst enemy, Astrid Nelsia. “Also, you are my life, come and get me”answered , the recently unveiled, a magnificent and luxurious villa on Snapchat.

Coming soon in the new season of Marseille

In a week, Marseille are experiencing a comeback W9. In fact, Monday, 17. February-the string of characters in the group M6 switches to the next episode and your new adventure in the Caribbean.

The candidates who are going also to Dubai and visit Jessica, Thibault and her son Maylone.

In gießen, you will find the indéboulonnables, Julien, Manon, Kevin and Carla in the company of their children. For the rest : Benjamin Alix, Greg, Paga, Maeva Ghennam and Anthony Nacca.

For the new, you can find Nicolas Tanti, the little brother of Julian, Allan, cousin Kevin, Cassandra, Océane El Himer (twin sister Navy-El Himer, the Princes and princesses of love season 7), Nicolas Ferrero, Maïssane, Oliver and Victoria.

The beautiful world to be a season to be explosive !