“The Stars Are Going Out” is the new book by Reno Brandoni with illustrations by Chiara Di Vivona

,the stars are going out,

new book by Renault Brandoni

with illustrations by Claire of Viveno

What mystery is associated with the stars? Why do they always shine brighter? A child will discover it in its short journey, which will give us a peace that is otherwise unattainable,

A short story for children and adults that helps to accept the future because in every ending may be hiding a beginning.

Renault Brandoni is a guitarist and writer, spanning a long and distinguished career of collaborations with Stephen Grossman, John Renbourne, Duck Baker and Dave Van Rock.

He has been active as a musician since the 1980s and has been releasing albums blushing (1984), Gypsy (2005, Yelda (2006), enemas and cords with Giorgio Cordini (2008) and Compelled (2017), Manual Giovanni Unterberger’s guitar in tablature, Italian guitarist, his music, his thoughts, Open Tuning Basics, how to play fingerpicking guitarand performed in the most important Italian theatres.

The adventure as a children’s author began in 2017 with the publication of the book by Addizioni Cersi king of the blues, dedicated to the fascinating and mysterious life of bluesman Robert Johnson. books come out next year the night they invented rockFocusing on the life of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, E a classic jazz evening, a fictional dialogue between Frédéric Chopin and Michele Petrucciani for a comparison between classical music and jazz. In 2020 he published billy’s last journeyA passionate journey into the darkest depths of the blues to tell the story of Billie Holiday: one of the greatest jazz singers of all time.

he also signs for the chair nursery rhymes to make you feel grown up, a Bildungsroman that includes 9 nursery rhymes set to music, which can be heard while being read via QR codes hidden between the pages. There are also two passages in the text, the sun is born for all And upside down nursery rhyme which saw the participation of trumpeter Paolo Fresu. In 2021 it will appear again for Kersey like a starA book inspired by Lady Gaga’s life, in which she discusses the topic of bullying. For “Le Razole” he publishes volumes for children goofy octopus And Koli thief. in 2022 he publishes PaulineIllustrated book dedicated to Paolo Fresu and in 2023 slave to music And the stars are going out Published by fingerpicking.net/le rojole. Reno takes his work to performances and workshops for audiences of all ages.

little razzles It was born with the aim of engaging parents who want to share the joy of reading with their children. Together ruzolasLe Ruzol Picole completes the fiction series published by Fingerpicking.net through a more colorful guise, containing stories designed and food for thought for all those “little adults” who begin to browse the world of fantasy. are doing.


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