The Startup BBQ is back, an event that brings together startups and investors.

The startup barbecue, organized by LifeGate Way in collaboration with Hearts & Science, will take place on September 25 in Milan. The theme for the 2023 edition is the silver economy.

  • The Startup BBQ is an event hosted by LifeGate Way and Hearts & Science.
  • Using quick date tables, some of the most innovative companies in a given sector can introduce themselves to a crowd of potential supporters.
  • This year the main theme is “The Secret Life of Adults, Digital Habits of People Over 50.”
  • For the first time, the event is included in the framework of TechChill Milano.

After the success of the previous two editions, it returns again this year. BBQ StartupL’informal networking event organized LifeGate Path AND Hearts and Science, an agency specializing in integrated digital marketing consulting and the third global network of Omnicom Media Group. Day full communications, designed to bring together startups, investors, entrepreneurs and specialists in a particular sector. In light of the recent growth of the silver economy and its excellent prospects for the future, the theme for 2023 is “The Secret Lives of Adults, Digital Habits of People Over 50.” For the first time, a barbecue startup will be placed within a broader framework, namely: TechChill Milan, which celebrates the startup community by attracting thousands of participants each year. Appointment scheduled for Monday September 25 at Villa Aida Milan.

Omar Bertoni Emanuele Giraldi
Omar Bertoni, CEO of LifeGate Way, and Emanuele Giraldi, Managing Director of Hearts & Science

What’s wrong withbbq pies

BBQ Startup takes inspiration from the American format, designed to optimize the time and energy of people with very busy agendas. The initiative aims to encourage connection between some of the most innovative companies in the field and a carefully selected audience of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector. It unfolds as one speed-date table: Startups sit at separate tables and have the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about their projects to potential backers who move from one station to the next in short, informal meetings lasting about ten minutes. The event ends with a festive moment, B-B-Q informal, completely vegetarian, during which participants can continue net.

There is also a special initiative planned throughout the day. The worthy innovative startup selected by LifeGate Way and H&S is supported by a team of communications experts that also includes Sidtagworld leader in contextual advertising, e Dlv Bbdocreative agency of the most awarded network in the world – create advertising campaign complete and effective “during your lunch break.” Our philosophy is to grow together and meetings should be informal to promote free exchange of views, quality networking and mutual constructive discussion,” he assures. Omar Fulvio Bertoni, CEO of LifeGate Way.

Because the topic is the silver economy

Startup BBQ is one of the initiatives organized on the occasion Future villa, the Hearts & Science agency’s own format, including two days of events designed to generate ideas and promote connections between operators of the Italian market (entrepreneurs, companies, brands, services). Research will be presented during the event”The secret lives of adults, digital habits of those over 50”, aimed at identifying the lifestyle and behavior of this target, which is still little taken into account in the world of communications, but is becoming increasingly important from a market point of view. This is why it was decided to dedicate the 2023 Startup BBQ to the same theme, focusing on innovative businesses targeting people over 50.

“When we think of people over 50, even because they are defined as “older,” we imagine gray-haired older people with habits, customs and interests that are closer to the geriatric realm than to the prime of life. . This is what the media often tells us… and this is why it could not be presented in a more false way,” he explains. Emanuele Giraldi, Managing Director of Hearts & Science Italia. This part of the population is experiencing a profound moment of transformation, which is more like new youth than until final maturity.

“Italians over 50 are black belts in e-commerce, fans of friendship and love on social networks, passionate travelers with easy reviews, athletes, environmentalists and, above all, super digital technologies. Women and men who crave real life are opposed to stereotypes. They see themselves bombarded with messages on reclining chairs when they plan a trip to bob in the waves of Bali instead. They’re made for the “grand finale” when in fact they’re the same age as Brad Pitt (60 to be exact). There are many people with many desires and great purchasing power. In Italy, not only is there a lack of communications that meet the aspirations of those over 50… there is also a shortage of products and services aimed at this new generation of hyper-digital adults.”

silver economy
The silver economy, a collection of goods and services aimed at older people, is a thriving sector © Vidar Nordli-Mathisen/Unsplash

Indeed, in addition to the many needs, aspirations and passions that need to be satisfied, today’s fifty-year-olds also have remarkable talent. budget. According to Confindustria, they are characterized by higher than average annual consumption and average per capita income, greater real wealth per capita and superior financial strength. Therefore, it is logical to predict that silver economythat is, the economic sector that develops around meeting the needs of older people will have an increasingly significant impact.

“The numbers speak for themselves. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, one in five people in the world will be over 60 years of age. And in Italy, the oldest country after Japan, people over 65 will make up a third of the total population in the same year (today there are about 14 million, just under 24 percent of the total), according to the latest notebook. in-depth analysis of welfare routes,” he interjects. Omar Fulvio Bertoni. “Looking at the future of innovation in this area is extremely relevant, and the silver economy is an area where there is innovation but there is still little talk about it.”

The event is part of TechChill

This year, the barbecue startup is being looked at in a broader framework: TechChill Milan. Started as a spontaneous movement of technology enthusiasts, TechChill celebrates the startup community by attracting thousands of participants every year, including fast-growing startups, the most innovative companies and speakers, investors active in the field, and talented technology enthusiasts. “The partnership with TechChill aims to further enhance the level of the event, open it up to an international network and improve the quality of discussions, with the desire to put into practice the exchange of best practices to support the Italian ecosystem,” he concludes Bertoni.

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