“The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight,” a dreamy teen comedy.

Statistical probability of love at first sightNow on Netflix, this is a predictable but delightful comedy. Designed for an audience young peopleperhaps it will also appeal to those who want to regain faith in life and think about its meaning.

Transposebestseller of the same name Jennifer E. Smith, released in 2011, the film is reminiscent of Peter Chelsom’s cult romantic novel Serendipity (2001), starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” is actually a variation on “meetings of fate”programmed to move the most sensitive thanks to the inclusion of an element, disease, which instead reminds us Fault in the stars (2014), directed by Josh Boone, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

The story takes place over one tense day and concerns two boys, he and she, who meet by chance. In an Aeroport.

Hadley (Haley Lu Richardson) missed her New York-London flight to her father’s wedding by just four minutes. Forced to make the next one, while waiting she meets Oliver (Ben Hardy), a boy who lends her a charger and with whom she finds instant harmony. Once on the plane, by another happy coincidence, they find themselves sitting next to each other. So they have almost seven hours of flight time to meet and fall in love. Once in London, they lose track of each other, unable to find each other, due to another unforeseen event, but this time unfortunate.

Narrated in third person by a female figure who appears on stage as an anonymous supporting character, changing identities from time to time. Statistical probability of love at first sight loves to show how two strangers, who are otherwise shy, move forward in a unique way: sitting next to each other on a flight pleasantly forces them to have dinner together, watch a movie, and then sleep next to each other. The voiceover from the very beginning lists the main characteristics of the main characters. Oliver is 22 years old, studying statistics at Yale University and afraid of surprises (including unexpected love) and germs; brings it all back to numbers and statistics to help you give meaning to life and to the world. Hadley, on the other hand, is two years younger and hates mayonnaise and small spaces. We then learn about the differences in temperament that make him a bit precise and her a perpetually late person.

Both characters are designed to appear simple boys in the way they dress, exemplary in manners, and gifted in terms of intelligence and sensitivity. Both good reading and healthy values, but also examples of a little clumsiness. Young, cute and respectableyou can say.

Love at first sight between them is associated with a sense of predestination, associated with a feeling of ease and the desire to immediately give of oneself. mutual support, and not with sexual attraction. Along the way, we will see how sharing difficult moments in a few hours will unite them into precious complicity.

Let it be called fate or probabilitythey will discover that they have the same idea of ​​true love: “Find someone to hold your hand when life gets hard”.

They are present throughout the entire film. references to Shakespearefrom a famous quote “Who has ever loved, who has not loved at first sight” to themed party outfits and various Romeo and Juliet looks.

The message of the film is to celebrate life every moment (there will be those who are sick in the film), remembering that fate has its weight, but then it depends on us, on us. commitment and will. Definitely well known stuff, but always nice to hear again.

Pleasant and at the same time loving little statistical pills that are handed out here and there, like “The likelihood of a long-distance relationship failing is 56%.”or “about 17.6% of people leave the love of their life”.

A comedy, like many others, but capable of giving ease and some good advice.

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