The Status Quo: Q&A at Railroad Square

This Wednesday, August 2nd, from 4 to 7 pm, in Rivadavia and Jean Jaures, at the Ferrocarril Square, there will be a new day of Territorial Approach, Health Region, Pami, Anses, Patronato and other countries and provincial representatives will be present at de Liberados, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Ministry of Labor, the Regional Department of Children and Youth Services, the Office of the Ombudsman, the Regional Directorate for Disability Affairs and the Institute of Social Welfare (IPS).

Luciana Astudillo, Head of Anses UDAI II, explained to SEMANARIO the scope and importance of the meeting, emphasizing that “since we have to take office in 2020, our premise is to territorialize our organization and to make the country National Service” block. The purpose of this is to bring these organizations closer to the people so that they can carry out the procedure close to their home to remove all their doubts. In this way, we reduce the gap in access to rights and guarantee equal opportunities among residents of Junin”.

He added, “In addition to the work of the office, we have the logic of providing this service on a monthly basis, which also helps us reduce bureaucracy in the country and improve the service.”

Astudillo insists that “anyone who has questions and concerns or needs advice about all of these mentioned organisms can go to this place and will communicate in the best possible way, with the utmost empathy, with the respective Area staff talk openly, look for or, if you need more documentation, come to our office. Also, there is no need to follow a single route through different places, as everything is in the same space and issues are It can be resolved there.”

He emphasizes, “For example, from Anses, we have credit needs, and that’s where you can mock up loans to see if they can be taken out and rotate through. Ask each organization about retirement or pensions, Progresar scholarships consultation and registration”, adding that “they can inquire about any pending proceedings in PAMI or if they need advice on any labor issues they have encountered or claims to the Ombudsman’s Office. In fact, The programs are varied and the possibilities are endless.”

“We want them to be closer, because what we can’t solve right now at least we’ll facilitate the journey to find a solution,” he noted.

Finally, Astudillo points out, “From Anses, we accompany a person through the life cycle from the mother’s womb until death. We have public policies for each Argentine and for the different stages of the Argentine, it is true Yes. We’re all about retirement, but the fact that there’s a range of public policies that target different moments, whether it’s bursaries, unemployment funds, or family allowances, is why our offices are always full of inquiries, and these meetings help get people Know your rights and be able to obtain them”.

Finally, on Wednesday, he highlighted the presence of the Ministry of Health through the Third Health Region, which will have “vaccination stations so they have access to both boys and girls and the official calendar of adults with influenza” and pneumonia vaccines. You can also complete the Universal Allowance (AUH) form for each child, which is completed annually. We will, as always, be as welcoming as we are, listening actively and letting them know how to resolve the issue. “

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