The stepson of one of Titan’s missing goes to a Blink-182 concert and Webb massacres him: “Music helps me through tough times”.

Rapper Cardi B also says: “I’d rather be poor and be loved than disappear and know nobody cares”.

by rolling stone

While the world hangs in suspense over the search for the submarine carrying the 5 people who went missing 2 days ago after diving into the wreck of the Titanic, Brian Szasz, stepson of billionaire Hamish Harding, who is one of the people aboard the ship, takes center stage. are in The reason for the controversy surrounding her attending the Blink-182 concert is that there is no news of her father.

On Monday, June 19, Szaz posted a photo on social media outside a Hoppus & Company concert in San Diego: “It might be weird being here, but my family wants me to go to the concert because it’s my favorite band And music helps me through tough times. The post was later removed. Here’s a screenshot of the Pop Crave page:

Szasz later wrote on Facebook that he had removed the post for privacy reasons. Instead, she shared a new post titled, “My stepfather is missing in a submarine. We pray that the rescue operation is successful.”

Along with Harding, on board the Titan are Pakistani businessman Prince Dawood with his son Sulaiman, French Titanic expert Paul-Henri Nargiolet and Stockton Rush, owner of Oceangate, the company that owns the Titan.

Among the reactions to Brian Szaz’s post, the web is being discussed by Cardi B, who shared a clip on social media:

“People say, well, what should he do? Staying Sad at Home? Yes. You must be sad at home. If I disappear then you should cry for me. You should wait for news from me on the phone. Isn’t it sad that you are a billionaire and nobody cares about you?” Cardi asked. “This is madness. I would prefer to be broke. I would prefer to be poor but to know that I am loved.”

Bryan accused Cardi B of being desperate for attention, before deleting her Twitter account:

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