The storm that will bring the Covid-19


Came the epidemic and are closed the dens, the bars, the discos, the restaurants. Closed the beaches and hotels of the large resorts. In high schools and universities across the country, classes were suspended. Suddenly, in less than a month, to the criminal groups that control the sale of drugs at the local level, they fell off the market.

Where are now the armies dedicated to the informal drug economy? What healthy activity will be dedicated during the weeks, perhaps months, for the duration of the emergency?

All heralds who come to the country months terrible, not only for the health issue, but because the Covid-19 it’s going to cause the criminal groups to migrate to other crimes.

The pandemic reached Mexico at the worst time. Found a country sunk in a bloodshed unprecedented. 2019 was the most violent year of which there is record: rate killings came to 24.14 per hundred thousand inhabitants. Last march has been the month with the highest number of homicides of memory (..). In the first five days of April, to the list of death amounted to 429 victims, according to data from the National observatory Citizen, ONC.

The Army, National Guard, security forces all over the country, that were totally overwhelmed by the levels of violence, must now divert their efforts in dealing with the health emergency: monitor hospitals, warehouses, departmental stores.
Monitor the transfer of medicines and medical equipment, and even food transportation.
The ministry of defence coordinates to state and municipal authorities, makes the census of capacities in hospitals, build the infrastructure that will be taken care of possible infectious patients.

Is it likely that the high figures of violence of march have to do with the arrival of the Covid-19? According to experts and security analysts, the criminal groups are using the pandemic to start a search for control of territories: “Started April going on with everything, precisely because we already warned that the emergency is for them a window of opportunity,” says Francisco Rivas, director of the ONC.

The same dispute for territories, and a gradual migration towards other crimes have been advised in the southeast of the country by the secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Alberto Capella. With the closure of hotels, restaurants, and dens, the criminals look forward to the control of the transport of cargo and goods, the invasion of land, the traffic of medicines and medical instruments.

During the coming weeks, across the country, the streets will be filled with business, shops and stores with the curtains closed. There will be little influx of passers-by, and each time fewer passengers in the public service.

There will be No money nor people in the streets.

The robbery of a business and the robbery of a pedestrian occupy the first places in the incidence of crime. The common criminals and the gangs that operate in municipalities and counties will begin to engineer things to get the cash flows.

What are the risks to be borne by the citizens when you increase the emergency?

Experts say that criminal groups inevitably iran by other markets. That as a result of this it is very likely that in the month of April we see a spike in the killings, and that from June could be verified a significant rise in the number of crimes economic: the kidnapping and extortion.

During the recent wave of looting in stores and departmental stores and convenience, 185 people were arrested. The greater part of these were repeat offenders. In the City of Mexico was just carrying out the arrest of a leader narcomenudista of Magdalena Contreras, The Fabian, that in the fall of the drug market retail, organized the looting of warehouses and departmental stores.

The head of government of Mexico City announced, moreover, that the elements of the Secretariat of Public Security in hypertensive, overweight and with chronic diseases, will be removed from service, for not putting them at risk of contracting coronavirus.

How many will be isolated in total? What hundreds, thousands? How are you going to fill inthe streets this absence?

Francisco Rivas has written that seems to come up about the country a perfect storm. The federal government has installed an intelligence center in charge of monitoring the relationship between Covid and crime. It is vital that this help you to anticipate what’s coming. This will help to stop what is coming.

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