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The story behind the incredible photo of Justin Bieber and Joan Sebastian | Music

Did you know that Justin Bieber and Joan Sebastian met at some point? Here we tell you how it happened


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As unexpected as it sounds,

Justin Bieber and Joan Sebastian met at some point in their lives and there is a photograph to prove it, in which it shows that the Mexican singer with his family. It’s funny, but many wonder how it was that both artists, from completely different worlds, came to coincide, especially after the same daughter of the icon of the Mexican regional shared the image.

The so-called “People’s Poet” fulfilled his daughters’ dream when, thanks to his enormous fame and influence, they met Justin Bieber himself when he was younger, apparently around the time he released “Baby” and became all a pop star.

The photograph was published by Juliana Figueroa, daughter of the late Mexican interpreter who took her to a Justin Bieber concert, the El Debate site noted.

“This is too iconic not to share it,” he wrote as a description of the moment he lived when he met Justin Bieber in person, who even carried and hugged Joan Sebastian’s daughters, who at that time were still little ones who were sure to die of love for the famous artist.

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