“The story never ends”

Almost two years have passed since the release ofSpiderman: No Way Home“, the third chapter dedicated to the friendly Spider-Man, played by the iconic Tom Holland. In the film, fans got an exciting opportunity to see Andrei again. Garfield and Toby Maguire put on the Spider-Man costume after years of speculation and anticipation. Their presence has drawn attention and raised many questions regarding their future involvement with the franchise…

Will Spider-Man’s story continue after the events of No Way Home?

Although there have recently been rumors of potential new Sony Pictures projects for Andrew’s two Spider-Men. Garfield and Toby MaguireIt would seem that such rumors do not have a completely truthful basis. As a result, fans’ hopes of seeing the two actors on the big screen again seemed to have faded. However, there has recently been a ray of hope with the official release of the artbook “Spiderman: No Way Home‘, during which the cast and crew had the opportunity to talk about the film and discuss the future of Spider-Man.

During the interview, Garfield moved fans by explaining how the events of No Way Home had a profound effect on his life. Peter Parker, identifying them as a true catalyst for change. He showed that the experience had left him.”inspired againas a hero who rekindles the flames of his passion to put on his mask again Spiderman:

“It changed his life. He will return knowing that he has brothers. He will return inspired again to follow his destiny, his calling, his life purpose. By rescuing MJ, he was able to undo the terrible tragedy he was trying to avoid in his own world.”

The British actor revealed that his Peter stayed “incredibly cheerful“, but at the same time with “crazy‘, after returning to their universe. Garfield also stressed the importance of preserving MJ from falling from the top of the Statue of Liberty. This pivotal moment had a profound effect on the character and his motivation as Spider-Man:

“If this hadn’t happened in the world of Peter 1, perhaps MJ would have suffered the same fate as Gwen. In this sense, his presence was the presence of a goal. And I think he will come back with a mind shocked by the cosmos, the universe, string theory and multidimensionality. He will come back incredibly cheerful.”

Following this, Garfield shared some thoughts on the future of his character, enthused about how “the story never ends“:

“The story never ends, whether we film it or not. There is a story that takes place somewhere in the universe. This character and all of its varieties have infinite potential. So yeah, he’s definitely doing something there.”

Subsequently, he explained with conviction why he considers his “the costume is the bestamong all Spider-Man, highlighting eyes costume and its extraordinary practicality:

“My eyes are definitely the best. The shape of the eyes is the most open and friendly and, I don’t know, sweet. I would also say that in practice my costume is the best because I have wrist zippers so I can get my hands out. You have more breaks. But none of the costumes are as much fun – they are all a bit impossible.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home, cast and movie synopsis

Director’s film John Watts see the cast: Tom Holland, ZendayaBenedict CumberbatchJacob BattalionsJohn FavreauJamie foxWillem DefoeAlfred MolinaBenedict WongTony RevoloriMarisa TomeiAndrey Garfield and Toby Maguire. Later, we publish a synopsis of the Marvel Studios product:

Spider-Man’s identity is revealed to everyone and he can no longer separate his ordinary life from his life as a superhero, and when he asks Doctor Strange for help, he forces him to find out what it really means to be Spider-Man.

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