The Story of Father and Daughter of Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas

Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel’s life has been surrounded by scandals and mysteries that to this day continue to give people talk. One of them was the relationship he has with his daughter,  Michelle Salas, whom he had when he was only 19 years old and for a long time, he denied it.

The romance that the singer of today maintained 50 years with  Stephanie Salas was very popular at the end of the eighties, more when in June it was said that the singer’s first-born had been born, however, despite the reports,  Luis Miguel did not give him his last name.

During the first six years of the girl’s life they maintained a sporadic relationship with private encounters, but after that time the interpreter of “La unconditional” completely distanced himself from her, even in an interview with  Verónica Castro he denied that he had a daughter.

It was until 2005 that the teenager herself told her story, at that time Michelle was 16 years old and gave the magazine  Who the exclusive. “I no longer want to be pitied for being the unrecognized daughter of Luis Miguel, when he knows I exist, ” he assured and confirmed what for a long time were speculation. At that time the young woman also made a call to the singer to explain the reasons why he left her. After the interview, Stephanie Salas confirmed that the singer was the father of her daughter.

El Sol was not indifferent to the statements and two years later began the process to recognize Michelle as his daughter. At that time he was in a relationship with Aracely Arámbula and Miguel had just been born, who was “his first child” before the public. In July 2008, Luis Miguel and Michelle met again after years of estrangement.


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It was said that Aracely had been the one who prompted the singer to get closer to Michelle, they were even seen living together on more than one occasion. Everything was fractured when months later the young woman was seen in a compromising situation with Luis Miguel’s manager, Alejandro Asensi, which led the singer to terminate the contract with his representative.

In 2011 Michelle finally received her father’s last name and even in the television program El Escándalo documents were released showing that El Sol had put a property in Los Angeles in her name valued at more than $ 100 thousand dollars.

Now with the premiere of the new season of his biographical series, it is expected to learn more about this story, we will have to wait for the next Sundays to know more details of this chapter of the singer’s life.


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