The Story of Selena Quintanilla’s Doppelganger Who Was Murdered

Selena Quintanilla.

Her name was Gloria de la Cruz and she competed with JLo for the role of the queen of Tex-Mex in 1996, here we tell you her story

Selena Quintanilla is one of the most popular singers in recent years and a reference in Spanish music. After his terrible murder in 1994, he tried to preserve his legacy with the shooting of his movie.

The production that finally starred Jennifer Lopez was a success and fans cheered for the singer’s interpretation, however many still remember one of the aspirants, who they claimed was practically the double of Selena Quintanilla.

It’s about  Gloria de la Cruz, a young woman from California who auditioned for the role but ended up losing it to JLo. She impressed fans with her incredible resemblance to the singer.

With the stage name “Leticia Miller”, the actress had no opportunity to exploit her talent because the following year she was murdered at her grandmother’s house after a man entered her home to abuse her.

Gloria’s body was found by the Los Angeles police days later, who were slow to identify the victim as she had been burned and dumped in a garbage container.

It was not until 1999 that they found the culprit, an old partner of the actress who strangled her. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence that included his DNA and blood on the victim.

The casting for the iconic film

The casting for Selena’s film brought together all kinds of young Latin artists, who aspired to give life to the queen of Tex-Mex, among the applicants who arrived for the tests were faces very similar to the deceased artist.

The role finally took Jennifer Lopez and made her the great star we know because her performance to this day continues to be applauded by fans and there are those who say that she is the best Selena to this day.

Although there are currently those who surprise by the resemblance they have with the interpreter of “Como la flor”, there is no doubt that Gloria de la Cruz continues to impact many with how much she equaled her physically.