The story of the doctor who struggled with the system and refused to leave: 10 people came from home to save a life every 2 days. This thing is priceless

Emma Schweninger

By Emma Schweninger.
Published: 01.12.2021, 12:19.

Updated: 01.12.2021, 12:40

A doctor’s heart beats for My Romania. His name is Lucian Dorobanţu and he is one of the best heart healers in the country. A surgeon who believes that innovation will push Romania higher and higher. That creative people will build the country we all dream of.

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Today, he invites us into his world, which most of the time fits into an operating room. But in the evening, he takes refuge in music and listens to the heartbeat of the pianist. Sorin Terinte. This is how the rhythm of life and the heart sounds when an artist touches the keys of a piano. The song that Lucian Dorobanţu she imagines it after every operation, when the man resumes his life with his rhythm, with his joy, with his music.

Reporter: Is the heartbeat the most beautiful music?
Lucian Dorobanţu: Yes! For me. Because it is the object of my passion and then everything related to this is very beautiful.

He invented a new dialysis technique used today all over the world

Under his hands, the heart of an 80-year-old man beats today. The surgeon will soon stop it, and a device will take over its functions for the duration of the operation. Doctor Lucian Dorobanţu was part of the team that used this technique for the first time in our country. When the heart stops and the timer starts, a timer race begins for it. A mistake and life is over. “It’s the hardest thing in a doctor’s or cardiovascular surgeon’s career to know that every millimeter you make depends on a person’s life. It’s a very strange combination of imagination and science.”, says the doctor.

Only the imagination of a doctor pushes the limits of medicine, when solutions seem impossible. He not only revolutionized heart interventions. He and other colleagues invented a new dialysis technique that is used around the world today. He is convinced that you can innovate in Romania as well.

“Let’s see: but it doesn’t exist. Are there only these methods? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? And why can’t we bring new things if we live in Romania? I mean, why do we have to be so mioritic to say, domle, we can’t do that. There is no we can’t. On the contrary, this country, here, in this place, many things can be done “, Doctor Dorobanţu tells us.

He arrived at the largest hospital in the world, Johns Hopkins in the USA, but returned to Romania

With this in mind, he returned to Romania, after years of studying in France and Italy. He could perform anywhere in the world. 10 years ago, he arrived at the largest hospital in the world: Johns Hopkins in the United States. But he chose to return home, to support a new medical system. “The goal of a doctor is – from my point of view – to create a system that helps as many people as possible.”, he claims.

He fought for years with and for the state system. Out of pure respect for life. “No overtime was paid, no calls were paid, 10 people came from home to save a life every 2 days. This thing is priceless. There is no price for such a thing. It may sound a little crazy to others, but it’s not. It keeps you alive and keeps others alive. “, says the doctor.

Why he did not give up Romania: “11,000 Romanian patients do not have access to heart surgery”

Now it heals hearts in the private system. Here he managed to put Romania on the map of the best cardiovascular surgery centers in EUROPE.

Reporter: Why didn’t you give up Romania?
Lucian Dorobanţu: Because I had a family here and because … At 18 million inhabitants, we need about 18,000 heart surgeries a year. The public and private do not make more than 7000 at the moment. There are 11,000 patients who need and do not have heart surgery. What could be more challenging than that?

Today, less than 20 years since he first held a heart in his hand, he is surrounded by students and residents, to whom he passes on everything he has learned. “I am convinced that it is not just me.” There is “us”, there is no “I”. This is still a plague of Romanian society. You can’t be a good teacher if your students aren’t better than you. “

He encourages everyone to go abroad to see how other countries treat their patients, but to return home. “Because it can make the difference between a wheel and a motor. I mean … it can be an important engine in a country that needs development and projects. Or it could be a wheel in some countries that have passed this stage. Here I think it is an extraordinary challenge for young doctors “, says the doctor.

What do you teach these young people? “Be rigorous, be people first and foremost. Be rigorous and curious. ” eDr. Dorobanțu explains. And it teaches them another important lesson: you get the best out of it only by working and only as a team.

What does Lucian Dorobanţu’s Romania look like? “My Romania is the sum of experiences and friends and people I know and places I’ve traveled.” he transmits to us. After another day of challenges, he finds peace in music. Every day it is thought that Romania has creative people and destinies of genius, but only together can we build a collective destiny and that country worthy of applause.

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