The story of the marriage that went to Peru on a mission clerical: she returned ill, coronavirus and only with the ashes of her husband


The Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that a mexican woman of 80 years, infected by the coronavirus, and was stranded for several weeks in Peru, landed in the airport of Merida.

Ethel del Carmen Trujillo Rodriguez it was transported from Peru in the plane of the Force Area of mexico, Gulfstream G550, which landed Monday at the airport of Merida, Yucatan, at 21:00 hours.

According to reports by various media, ms. Trujillo came to Mexico with the ashes of her husband, Isaiah Rodriguezwho died in the south american country because of the coronavirus and was allegedly the first mexican infected abroad.

Mrs. Ethel del Carmen was received by his son Dario Rodriguez Trujilloafter the plane landed at the airport of the City of Merida; and he was immediately transferred to the regional hospital of ISSSTE for its early isolation.

Ethel and her husband died, both teachers yucatan, traveled last march 7 to Peru as part of an altruistic mission clerical. However, the two were there in the wake of the pandemic, and they were trapped.

Mrs. Trujillo Rodriguez attempted to get back in one of the first humanitarian flights that managed the Chancellery; however, this was prevented after a filter sanitary discovers that her husband showed signs of this new virus.

After staying several days in confinement in a hotel room, the husband of the woman was taken to a nearby hospital to have difficulty breathing and died a day later, without having clear up to the moment if the new virus was the cause.

It was not until Saturday when the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón reported in your account Twitter that by instructions of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador it would be repatriated to Mexico in an airplane of the Mexican Air Force.

When ms. Ethel knew that he would be back in a military plane said to his sons: “I feel that I am with mine, even if it is in the Mexican Air Force, I already feel at home”. It is same Saturday was moved from the hotel to the Regional Hospital of Cusco.

Until the afternoon of Saturday, the yucatan he remained hospitalized, mainly to stabilize it in the emotional aspect.

The same Regional Government of Cusco reported in his official account that the yucatan “is stable and under medical observation; however, due to the pain of the sudden loss of your husband and seeing impaired his mental healththe Directorate of Health in coordination with the Directorate of the Regional Hospital and a medical board, we made the decision to evacuate the lady to the area hospital the hospital, with the aim of performing a follow-up to their mental and physical health in a personalized manner”.

The number of cases of people infected by Covid-19 in Mexico, it increased to 1,094-positive patients, reported the Secretariat of Health (SSa), while the number of fatalities increased to 28.

The states where it rose the number of infected were: Mexico City, grew the number up to 205, while the State of Mexico grew to 136, Jalisco 90, Again, Léon 76, Puebla 75, Yucatan 46, while Quintana Roo and Guanajuato 43 cases each, respectively.

There are 2,752 suspected cases, 5,635 negative cases in the country, and a total of 9,481 people studied. In a day increased 101 confirmed cases and 8 deaths by coronaviruses in Mexico.

The 28 deaths by Covid-19 occurred in: Mexico City (8), Jalisco (3), Sinaloa (3), Hidalgo (2), San Luis Potosi (2), Coahuila (1), Durango (1), State of Mexico (1), Michoacan (1) Morelos (1), Oaxaca (1), Puebla (1) Querétaro (1), Quintana Roo (1), and Veracruz (1).

Hugo López Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, said that globally there are 693,224 confirmed cases. Of the total, 76%, or 526,635 cases, was confirmed in the last 14 days.

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