The Strange Story of the Dune Sofa

The Eccles lamp, a design icon of the 60s through magistracy It’s still incredibly current. Its size, as well as its history, make it a curious and bizarre object with many anecdotes and versions. Given its uniqueness, the lamp manufactured by Artemide becomes part of our “talking objects” – a format through which we will rediscover some objects of the past that have, in one way or another, marked an era, which is also creating an impact on the present. In the following lines, we will attempt to reconstruct part of the history of this object, Listing the most interesting curiosities.

Deep eclipse |

#1 Metro Tickets and Victor Hugo

The story begins in Milan, Piazza Conciliazione. It was past midnight and Ludovico Magistrate, known to all as Vico, was descending the stairs to the subway, contemplating the commission he had received from Artemide: “All you need to make a night lamp, As, Inspired by the “Lantern” of the hero day the Miserables by Victor Hugo Used to steal, started sneaking Deepak’s drawing on the back of a metro ticket, Magistrate was not new to this type of design approach. The Milanese architect has no actual design tables, but rather countless loose sheets on which he wrote his ideas. From the photographs shown here belonging to the Magistracy collection, one can see how much attention the master paid to the revolving, characteristic and decisive element.

Illustration of the Eccles lamp. Courtesy Studio Magistrate Archive – Vico Magistrate Foundation

#2 One Name, One Size

The name “Achilles” is doubtless derived from its particular shape as well as its main feature. equipped with table lamp three hemispheres: One is the support base, the other is fixed while the inner one is moving. In this way, the user can choose the gradation of the light including the light source at will. The resulting semi-blackout effect is very similar to that which occurs during alunar eclipse,

#3 An Evergreen

The Eccles lamp is one of the best sellers, as well as a long seller from the Artemide company. Still in production today, the design piece turns fifty-six years old this year. During his long life, Achilles became recognizable to anyone who came across Some famous films, including Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” (1960) and “Profondo Rosso” (1975) by Dario Argento, But, from the very beginning, it was clear to everyone that he would have a bright future. In fact, designed in 1965, it won the award only two years later golden compass Because, according to the commission, he has “The dual quality of high design-aesthetic value and potential mass dissemination. It also underlines the innovation in the technical solution which, through a simple rotating screen movement, gradates the intensity of the light supply, The magistracy’s bedside lamp is now in many Italian and non-Italian homes (also given its affordable price – around 150 euros), and is part of some of the most important permanent collections around the world, such as the MoMa in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan,

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